Two Week Wait Almost Over

And of course my body is messing with my brain again. Sorry if this is TMI for the readers that I'm friends with IRL, but last night I had a small amount of spotting. This happens to me often when I spot and then don't get my period for another five days. What is that? Is that implantation spotting but then it doesn't work out? Who does this happen to, except me as my body's way of fucking with my head? Anyway, I am going to test this week on Thursday or Friday morning. I probably wouldn't get my period until Friday or Saturday, but if I am pregnant, I've decided I do want to go to the RE that I was seeing before for bloodwork before the weekend. If my progesterone level is low, I want to make sure they put me on suppositories straight away. I was on those when I got pregnant with Phoebe. Low progesterone does seem to be an issue with me. I'm hoping that my lifestyle changes are fixing that (like giving up coffee!), but if I can manage to get pregnant on my own, I've decided I want to see the doctor's to make sure I stay that way.

I'm really excited about the holidays this year. We got our all our Christmas decorations up this weekend, except the tree. I realized the reason I'm so excited is that last year I was so not in the Christmas spirit. We had our old house on the market, the new house finishing in two months, and we didn't know if we would have two mortgages for awhile. Now that we've got through it all and I'm thinking back on how awful last year was, I'm excited with how wonderful this year is. It's so nice to have all that finalized and being here for our first Christmas in the new house. Thinking of it on my way home made me almost cry... or is that just PMS talking?


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