Definately not this month. AF showed up late yesterday afternoon, after my temp dropped in the morning. I was hoping that I could add a lack of PMS symptoms to my victories, but unfortunately, I can't. Although they didn't show up until the day of the temp drop. I was so cranky yesterday. Definately not in a good mood. Today I'm feeling cranky, but on the upswing.

I recently watched pieces of "The Secret" online. It is extremely interesting. From a fertility aspect as well as a career and overall life aspect. It reinforces what I've always thought around the power of positive thinking, or as they like to call it "The Law of Attraction." I know I haven't exactly been the most positive person about other aspects of my life recently. I used to be such a positive person. In my senior year of high school, I was nastily voted for an unofficial class poll as "The Person Most Likely to Think They are Most Likely to Succeed." I knew they meant it to be mean, but I knew confidence is half the battle. I just want to get some of that confidence back. I think overall I protect myself by going into things with low expectations so I won't be hurt when I'm let down. I really must stop that.


Sorry this wasn't the month Heather. You are right though, a postive outlook is half the battle.
Crystal said…
I'm sorry hon!
Hi Heather. Nice to find your blog. Here's the link to mine. Check it out; I've recently posted about The Secret & fertility too. I relate to what you say about losing your confidence. I seem to have to work very hard at keeping my chin up as well as seeing the positives in the rest of my life. But somehow when I can get myself in that head-space of believing things are going to work out, I'm okay. Lynda

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