PT Day - CD11

Hi all. Test is currently inconclusive. My HcG is 7. Anything over 5 is pregnant. They are going to retest me again tomorrow to make sure the numbers are going up. If the numbers go down, they suspect that the trigger shot was still in my system.

Myself, I don't think it's the trigger shot. It's been 11 days. It should be out of my system by now. Although I did have 2 trigger shots this cycle, so it is possible. I think I am pregnant and it's just that they tested me real early at CD11 and it's really low right now. I want to think that my numbers were low this early with Phoebe, but I'm not sure if I'm mistaking that with one of my miscarriages.

I'm going to get a cup of chamomile tea and go back to class. I'll update you all tomorrow.


Kate said…
Update when you can. I hope it's good news. Sounds promising!
Trace said…
We'll be waiting!!
Shalini said…
Keeping my fingers crossed!
Loren said…
I will be waiting at the edge of my seat...keeping everything crossed! I'm hoping for good news so bad for you!!! please let us know asap.
sky girl said…
Looking forward to an update!
Dr. Grumbles said…
well, obviously, I am hoping it ain't the trigger shot!

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