Bloggers Meet Up

BTW, I've been so busy with my training class this week and my test results saga, that I didn't get a chance to tell you about my meet up with Trace. We met last Sunday at the winery around the corner from my house. I was really happy that the owner's dad was really nice to us and gave us a special tasting they keep reserved for the regulars. This was her third time there, so Trace is a regular now too!

She made a comment that my blog doesn't do me justice and I'm blushing for that. And I do have to say likewise. She is so cute and very very very nice. Especially to a crazy chatterbox blonde like me. We covered every possible topic: wine trails, yoga, infertility, family, the things we don't post on our blog (especially me - sorry my Mom reads this often - must censor self).

Thank you so much Trace for meeting up with me! I didn't really want the afternoon to end. Hope we get to do it again soon, especially with better test results for both of us!


Trace said…
Aw shucks...I would love to get together again :-)
Lynda said…
That sounds so great meeting up with a fellow blogger. :) I know what you mean - I have to censor my blog somewhat since some family members read it. Still, my husband reckons I pretty much spill my guts out on it so he's thankful none of his friends read it. (not really a man's blog though is it, one about secondary infertility!)

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