PG - 18 Weeks 3 Days - Still Sick

This cold is still kicking my butt. I was out sick from work both Monday and Tuesday. Today I'm working from home as I still feel horrible, but well enough to finally start looking at emails and call into some meetings. Leo left for NYC very early this morning. Work has been keeping him very busy. I feel that even though we've both been here, we really haven't seen each other. At least the babies have been OK. I can feel them moving. I can't wait until they are strong enough that Leo and Phoebe can feel them from the outside. I just can't wait for this cold to get better so I can get caught up on work and house stuff. I'm feeling so behind.


sara said…
You're not behind...but I do hope that you feel better soon! Can't imagine carrying twins...I thought one was a ton. :-)
On My Mind 24/7 said…
Sorry you're still not feeling any better. Hope you can get some rest and your energy back!
Mermaid said…
I know it is worrisome when you are sick while pregnant. Hope you get to feeling better soon. I'm glad you continue to get to feel your boys kick.
Anna said…
Oh dear....

I do hope you're feeling much better now.
I trust you're able to get a lot of rest. (Stop worrying about the work). :o)

Get well pronto! and good health.


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