PG - 17 Weeks 5 Days

Busy, busy, busy! Things are still really busy both work and home-wise and I'm coming down with a slight cold. At work, I'm hoping to spend some time planning today, which is desparately needed. Between meetings and that I'm ready to setup a deli number system at my cube for the stop-by questions, I've been too busy to look at the big picture of planning our work for the year.

Home-wise - Phoebe's had her activities all week. She passed the ISI Gamma Level test at her ice skating class on Wednesday, so now she'll officially be at the Delta Level. This is good, because her private lessons on Thursdays with her coach have been focusing on her first competition program, which is based around Delta Level skills. The competition is April 4th and 5th, and Phoebe is starting to be OK with doing this. She loves to learn her ice skating skills, but she's nervous about performing. We're explaining to her that everyone else that will be there will be paying more attention to getting ready for their own child's performance. These are not the top-level competitions, so no one will be watching the competitors with bated breath for the fancy jumps and stuff. Phoebe's program doesn't even have any jumps in it. She is starting some beginning jumps which would be the waltz jump.

Enough on the ice skating Mom info, the other big thing this weekend is the Sunday afternoon First Penance retreat Phoebe and I will be at from noon to 4 PM. She doesn't have First Penance until the 28th, but this is the afternoon-long retreat to go over everything you need to know about saying confession, which is something I haven't done in 14 years, LOL. Ah, the joys of being Catholic! Her First Communion is the Sunday before Mother's Day.

Babies-wise - I have my 18 week ultrasound on Monday!!!! Two hours of ultrasound will hopefully be enough for me to find out what I want to know, which is what are we having!!! I really can't wait.

I've also been fighting off a cold for the past two days. I'm doing OK though. It's just a sore throat and a slightly stuffy nose. No fever or aches. I've been drinking lots of fluids and I went to bed early last night, so I'm not feeling any worse than I was yesterday. I'm hoping tomorrow I'll feel even better. Tomorrow night we have a sitter and are going out to dinner with friends, so I'm really looking forward to that!


Martha said…
I hope you feel better too. Congrats to Phoebe, sounds exciting. Good luck with work, I love the deli number idea!
battynurse said…
Hope the cold doesn't get any worse. They are so not fun. Have fun with your evening out.
Jill said…
Oh-so excited for your big u/s on Monday! Yippee! Hope you feel better by then.
Mimi said…
I hope you feel better soon!!! I can't wait to hear what you are having and maybe see a belly pic?? He he

On My Mind 24/7 said…
Wow a two hour ultrasound! You are one lucky girl! I hope you feel better. Have fun on your night out.
Rumour Miller said…
Fingers crossed that legs are not! Good luck finding out.

Hope your cold goes away and you start feeling better!
Miss Mac said…
Hope things slow down some & you can avoid the cold getting worse! Look forward to hearing about the u/s & hope you had a nice dinner & time with friends!

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