First Day of School!

The boys started their first day at school/day care yesterday!!! Niki is out of town and I found a day care near our house that can take the boys when we need them. I have a day care at work for emergency care, but they are never available even a month ahead of time, so I registered the boys where my best friend takes her daughter. I've been at the school several times to pick up her daughter, as we're on the list to be able to when they are in a pinch.

Anyway, the boys had a great time! They really loved it. When we dropped them off in the morning, we held them for a few minutes while we were talking to the teachers, but then put them down to put their things away. They both immediately went off in the same direction to check out some toys. They didn't care we put them down at all. Then when we went to kiss them goodbye, they couldn't be bothered. I'm waving bye as we're walking out the door and they glanced at us, but it was like, "Whatever, we're busy. See ya later." We'll see how the second day to leave goes.

I'm doing good with my Flylady routines. They are helping at night getting ready for the next day, packing lunches, setting the coffee pot on a timer and have everyone's clothes laid out for the next day. I even asked Phoebe to do a 27 Fling Boogie in her room last night! I gave her a plastic grocery bag and told her to get 27 things to throw away from her room. She told me she got over 50! It was all little papers and junky things. Definite trash. DH was worried she was going to throw away good stuff. I knew she had enough actual trash in her room that wouldn't make that a problem. Next I'm going to see if we can clean off the top of her dresser. She collects a lot of junk there too. Not to think that I'm picking on her. I'm constantly culling through our stuff and I've actually donated entire trunk loads to Goodwill. Last night I even spent 30 minutes on the elliptical machine and when I went to the basement I swept all the stairs to the basement. So proud of me!


You are doing AWESOME and now you've inspired me to make a new control journal. I have one for business, work and I had one at home when I was on maternity leave. Time to update it!
Done! Thanks for the inspiration :)
Anonymous said…
Hey Heather, Glad to see how great you are doing!!!

Jacob has always been pretty easy on the hair cutting thing. His hair grows really fast so I've been bringing him since he was about a year old. I distract him a little bit with silly faces and such but for the most part he just sits really well for her. The lady that cuts his hair is a family friend and he has always gone to her. Not sure if this helps, but I hope it does!
Francisco Bacon said…
I remember those moments when my children started at nursery, so proud! Congratulations-
That is wonderful about the boys' school and your great routines.
I have used flylady for inspiration, her packing lists are really helpful for travel.
How are you doing, dear Heather?

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