Who FLYs?

So here's a question for my few readers? Do any of you follow (or try to follow) the Flylady routines? I've been on and off working on my routines for almost 10 years now. I will admit that when I've been using routines, life seems so much easier, especially a before bed routine. Our daughter has a morning routine to get ready for school and it really keeps her on time to not miss this bus. Which is good, as her school is 20 minutes from our house and that's just one way!

The one thing I'm working on these days is to be up and dressed before any of the kids. This is important especially on the weekends, as they are leaving morning naps behind in the dust and with that my ability to get dressed before noon if I'm taking care of them. On the weekdays, Niki gets up with the boys while the rest of us finish getting ready for work and school. But not next week! Niki will be away and the boys will be going to day care for a week. I really want to make sure I'm up and dressed before 7 AM, so I can then be completely free to get them up, fed breakfast, dressed and out the door. DH and Phoebe are great about getting up and getting to the bus on time (7:45 AM), so I don't have to worry about that.

I'm telling myself that if I can just make sure I do my before bed routine: getting my clothes for tomorrow out, coffee pot setup, lunches packed, and now adding getting babies stuff packed for next day, that we'll be doing fine. It's going to be a very hectic week, but I'm hoping the boys enjoy the change of scenery and meeting new people. Wish me luck!

But tell me, have any of you tried Flylady and has it been a great success or is it like me a constant work in progress? Or are you BO (Born Organized) like Flylady likes to call some people and just do this stuff on your own and have no idea what my problem is, LOL?


Hmmm, how to answer?

I think to a certain extent I am BO BUT I get incredibly focussed on other things sometimes and my routines slip. Like on the computer and I don't pack my lunch and get ready and then I realise at 11 pm at night, hurry and then get things done.

DEFINITELY without a doubt my life goes more smoothly when I follow my routines :)

Good luck. Is the daycare at your work?
Carrie Ann said…
Never heard of Flylady but it's a great concept and totally inspirational (in addition to watching "Hoarders" before I clean the house! My house is not like Hoarders at all, but when I need some inspiration, that show is great - I'll clean for hours!)

I find that I need a routine in order to get things done and to keep my sanity. Ricky's morning routine is great only if we all get up early enough. This week we've all slept in late = lots of yelling in the morning. Not good. I have to help get him ready, make his lunch, get myself ready so I don't scare off the other parents, etc. My hubby helps me take care of Teddy. If we have more kids, we will be a late mess every day.

Ricky used to have a bedtime routine and that has gone out the window this year (due to video games, board games, TV, etc.) Been thinking of bringing it back.

You are a Supermom, has anyone told you that yet?
sky girl said…
I started the FLY thing but then stopped. I still get the daily emails but don't even read them. Maybe in a little while I'll try again.
I am a work in progress, flylady is helpful, but sometimes find it all so overwhelming!

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