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Apocalypse Now? My Earthquake Update

Tornados, earthquakes and soon to come hurricanes!  What's going on with Mother Nature in southeastern PA?  At work about two weeks ago, we all had to go to the interior of the building as there was a tornado coming through.  I'm sure everyone knows by now, us wussy East Coast people just had an earthquake and it freaked us all out.  Myself included.  I can safely say I will not be moving to California, Japan or anywhere that has had an earthquake in the last 100 years.  I was on the 12th floor at work starting to give a presentation when it hit and we were all pretty confused.  We were all wondering what it was:  train derailment? gas refinery explosion, terrorist attack?  Something that would make sense other than an earthquake.  I can now say I've been through one and lived to tell the tale, LOL.  There was no damage, but it is so weird to feel the earth move beneath you.  It's like the one thing you feel you can depend on always being there, the ground....  Now we…

Potty Time, Birthdays and Back to School

Tommy asked to sit on the potty today and he was so proud of himself for doing it!  He didn't do anything but sit, but that is huge for us!  Every time we would talk to the boys about the potty, they would be adamant they wanted nothing to do with it. "Nooooooo!" is the answer we would get, every time we asked.  But this morning as the boys were getting their morning diaper change (which they hate), I mentioned if they would go to the bathroom on the potty, we might not have to change diapers anymore.  At this Tommy started asking to sit on the potty, so we all acted very excited, got him situated and sat with him praising him while he sat on the potty.  Liam still insisted, "Nooooo!" so we didn't make him, but we made a big deal out of Tommy trying.

And where has the month of August gone?  Last post was at the beginning and now we are at my DH's birthday at the end of August!  Yes, Happy Birthday, DH!!!!  I love you very much, and I am terribly disapp…

Back to Balance

It's been an interesting week full of ups and downs.  We fought the battle of the head lice and I quite believe we won.  Phoebe's head is looking like there's nothing there and the house has never been cleaner.  I know from some things I read online they said not to concentrate on house cleaning as much as the individual, but I think anyone that's been affected before will agree, that you feel that you want to clean the person as well as the house.  It just makes you feel like you have less concerns of it coming back.

I'm also getting better at not beating myself up as much.  It's more of a feeling that I'm getting back to being organized.  I hate feeling unorganized.  I feel I waste time doing things I shouldn't be doing and then not doing the things that are more important.  So now I have my list of home to-dos and my work list of to-dos and I'm making headway in taking care of them both.  Sometimes one gets more priority than the other, but I…

Beating Myself Up and the War on Head Lice

I've been trying to write a post all week last week on how I was beating myself up too much.  Last week was a rough week back at work, but by the end of the week, I felt like I was getting a handle on things there at least.  Having to take off Monday this week, made today at work feel out of control all over again though.

At home last week, I was beating myself up for things I knew I wanted to get done, but I knew I shouldn't be hard on myself.  I know our friends we went on vacation didn't even finish unpacking from when we went away.  We had unpacked by the same day we got back and started laundry.  But bills were behind where I wanted to be, meals weren't planned, and I knew Phoebe had to get back on track with her summer reading and math work.  They go back to school the last week of August.

The reason I had to take Monday off work at first was to take Tommy to the doctor and see if he had another ear infection.  Well he doesn't, but Phoebe got head lice.  Yup…