Apocalypse Now? My Earthquake Update

Tornados, earthquakes and soon to come hurricanes!  What's going on with Mother Nature in southeastern PA?  At work about two weeks ago, we all had to go to the interior of the building as there was a tornado coming through.  I'm sure everyone knows by now, us wussy East Coast people just had an earthquake and it freaked us all out.  Myself included.  I can safely say I will not be moving to California, Japan or anywhere that has had an earthquake in the last 100 years.  I was on the 12th floor at work starting to give a presentation when it hit and we were all pretty confused.  We were all wondering what it was:  train derailment? gas refinery explosion, terrorist attack?  Something that would make sense other than an earthquake.  I can now say I've been through one and lived to tell the tale, LOL.  There was no damage, but it is so weird to feel the earth move beneath you.  It's like the one thing you feel you can depend on always being there, the ground....  Now we're having a lovely thunderstorm that has taken out the power a few times very briefly and we're getting ready for the hurricane that's making it's way up the East Coast of the USA.  Good times.  I will admit I love cozy rainy days.

We go to "Meet the Teacher" at 11:30AM and then Phoebe has a hair appointment at 2:15PM and then we'll finish our back to school shopping and come home tonight to tuna salad sandwiches.  Yum.  Phoebe goes back to school next Monday and I think we're all looking forward to it.  Next up - finding a preschool for the boys by the time they turn 3 next May.  I need to work on my research for preschools in the area.


Mandy said…
I love how we all have earthquake at the bottom of our lists! We don't get earthquakes! I was cursing the neighbor for running up the stairs when it began. Then I went to trains, tornado, and after all was said and done I came to realize it was an earthquake.

I was also a bit disappointed to have slept through the one this morning. :(
glad you're all okay - and I love the thought of you in your presentation at the time :)

post a pic of Phoebe's hair!
Deanna said…
Glad you & your family are okay! I can only imagine how strange it feels to be in an earthquake...that is certainly NOT what I would think was happening at first either!
Anonymous said…
omg. we didn't even feel it up here...although some people will swear that they did! glad that you're okay. at least now you have a great story to tell :)
Lauren said…
We are probably a good 9 hour drive from you and I felt it too. It was funny because I was on the 9th floor in a meeting and our building swayed so much it actually made me nauseous. Strange. :-)

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