Potty Time, Birthdays and Back to School

Tommy asked to sit on the potty today and he was so proud of himself for doing it!  He didn't do anything but sit, but that is huge for us!  Every time we would talk to the boys about the potty, they would be adamant they wanted nothing to do with it. "Nooooooo!" is the answer we would get, every time we asked.  But this morning as the boys were getting their morning diaper change (which they hate), I mentioned if they would go to the bathroom on the potty, we might not have to change diapers anymore.  At this Tommy started asking to sit on the potty, so we all acted very excited, got him situated and sat with him praising him while he sat on the potty.  Liam still insisted, "Nooooo!" so we didn't make him, but we made a big deal out of Tommy trying.

And where has the month of August gone?  Last post was at the beginning and now we are at my DH's birthday at the end of August!  Yes, Happy Birthday, DH!!!!  I love you very much, and I am terribly disappointed that you are going to be in NYC overnight for work and not home with us where you belong. 

Next Monday is Phoebe's first day back to school.  We have a Meet the Teacher on Thursday afternoon and she'll get a haircut.  I need to spend some time with her as it seems we are at the beginnings of cyberbullying age and I'm nipping it in the bud.  I'll write more about it in another post after I get my facts from her "Wee World" account tonight, but let's say it seems she is the victim and I might be giving the mother a call.  It is someone from school that she had issues with during the school year.  She is also the girl that gave all the families head lice.  I do feel for her as I believe her parents are getting divorced and that is why she moved to this school right after Christmas break this past year.  At this time though, Phoebe is not allowed to go online until I get this all researched and decide what I'm going to do.  If she is allowed back on, it will probably be with a new account and I'll want her to try to stay as anonymous as possible.  I'm just hoping that these two girls are not in the same classroom this year.  Phoebe has two close friends from last year and none of them have the same teacher this year.  If this other girl is in her class, I will call the guidance counselor and ask to have her moved.  We had issues in the classroom last year with the two of them (the guidance counselor has called me before on this), and I don't see it going away, so I'd rather make sure to ensure their education is not disrupted that they are kept apart in a classroom setting as much as possible.  Does that sound professional enough?  I think that's a good enough ask considering there are four 5th grade classrooms and they only interact during lunch, gym and recess.  I'm hoping I can find out ahead of time and get it changed if I need to before the first day.


I need to write about potty time (will you hold me accountable?)!

I think you're absolutely doing the right thing with Phoebe and the other girl. This kind of thing makes my blood boil!
Mandy said…
It's sickening that it has to come to this. It makes you wonder when people let go of their children. I think you're absolutely doing the right thing. I wouldn't call her mother though, if there is so much going on. I know I would be far to judgmental and condescending.

On the upside, hooray for the potty! We are still just sitting, but here it is great fun. I'm struggling with it being a game.

DH went back to school today! HOORAY! I love the beginning of paychecks, I mean the end of August! It costs us a pretty penny to get him prepared to teach for the year, I can't imagine what it will be like with two little ones to get ready. Hope Phoebe has a great and drama free school year.
Deanna said…
I would definitely ask for separate rooms for Pheobe and the other girl if there have been real problems between them. She shouldn't have to deal with that this early in life!

My girls are in the stage of "sitting" but not "doing anything" on the potty too. It's a bit frustrating sometimes, but I just remind myself that we're taking it slow...they will do it when they're ready. We have days of "noooo potty!" too. What's that about??
Anonymous said…
We began Lovey Girl in a moms morning out preschool program at a local school since her birthday is mid-year (April). Anyway, once she saw the other kids using the potty she asked to use it (peer pressure at age 2?). When she was there today apparently she used the potty twice and was successful. Good luck finding one and dealing the cyber bullying.

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