Back to Balance

It's been an interesting week full of ups and downs.  We fought the battle of the head lice and I quite believe we won.  Phoebe's head is looking like there's nothing there and the house has never been cleaner.  I know from some things I read online they said not to concentrate on house cleaning as much as the individual, but I think anyone that's been affected before will agree, that you feel that you want to clean the person as well as the house.  It just makes you feel like you have less concerns of it coming back.

I'm also getting better at not beating myself up as much.  It's more of a feeling that I'm getting back to being organized.  I hate feeling unorganized.  I feel I waste time doing things I shouldn't be doing and then not doing the things that are more important.  So now I have my list of home to-dos and my work list of to-dos and I'm making headway in taking care of them both.  Sometimes one gets more priority than the other, but I'm trying to have some balance between the two. 

So now, my goals personally are as follows:
  • Build my Flylady routines and my Control Journal
  • Make time to exercise daily
  • Make time to write a book
  • Work on my Financial Control Journal/budget
I think if I can focus on these things when I'm not at work, I'll feel like I'm accomplishing things personally.

Other things that were on the upside this week were getting a better cube at work (it has windows and isn't on the other side of the men's room!!!) and I found a long lost friend.  I haven't tried to contact him, but I will soon.  At least I know where he's located.  He's a priest that was an old family friend.  I knew him when I was Phoebe's age and he has always been the sweetest, nicest person.  He was very influencial in my life and my desire to be such a good person to all people.  He used to write me letters when I was growing up from India where he was a missionary training new priests, Rome and last was from Sao Paulo, Brazil where he had a parish when I was in college.  He's back in my old hometown area and I have the information for the rectory where he's staying.  I'll be calling very very soon to see if I can speak with him.


Lauren said…
I dread the head lice. I pray we never get it here. Plus we have far too many build a bears to even consider. It is pretty sad.

I am so glad you found this old friend/priest. I can't wait to hear how it goes when you reconnect.

I am glad you found my Sunday story amuzing. Even in the moment I could see the humor but that was not coming through in my appearance. I just saw a picture and boy was I a mess. I hope the ex didn't recognize me. ;-)
Anonymous said…
Congrats on getting through the head lice! I recall having it when I was a kid -- and my parents chopped off like all my hair. I imagine treatment has come really far since then. In NYC they even have these 'consultants' who will come to your house to deal with it for you. Used to sound crazy to me, but now I could understand why you'd hire those folks.

I am intrigued by your to-do list. Very intrigued! Your priest friend sounds really neat, too. I think we can all use someone like that in our lives.
Deanna said…
Glad you're feeling back on track. That's really cool about your priest friend. I bet he will love to hear from you!

I would love an office a little further from the men's bathroom! And a window...sigh... ; )
Queenie. . . said…
I think the lice would have sent me over the edge. I don't blame you for scrubbing down the house. I'm scratching just thinking about YOUR lice!!!

I totally hear you about wanting to accomplish more. It really is all about the routines.

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