Lots Going On

I need to get better than a once a month update on my blog.  We'll see about that as things continue to get more crazy!  I got the call today that I was accepted to the Villanova Executive MBA program.  It's hitting me now with how scary that is.  I will be busier than ever.  Other things are going really great!  DH and I have worked out first thing in the morning on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  Would have done so this morning, except I couldn't wake up early this morning as DH and I had a date night last night.  It was a Tuscan wine dinner at a local restaurant.  Five courses and five wines.  Whew!  That was a lot of wine to put in my head.  I was so tired and happy when we got home last night. 

I've been busy with other "Action" things of my theme for the year.  I'm getting my varicose veins fixed in mid-June!  Keeping up with work stuff, got my vegetable and herb garden planted this year already, cleaning carpets in the house, ordered a sectional couch of outdoor furniture so DH and I can sit outside and enjoy the evening summer breezes this year.

I've also been enjoying some good guilty pleasures.  I read the whole "Hunger Games" trilogy, first book of "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" trilogy and the Shades of Grey trilogy.  I've become obsessed with the "Downton Abbey" TV shows, watching the entire first season on Netflix streaming.  I'm now recording the 2nd season on the PBS stations.  I keep searching the station programming to see when the next episode will be on.

Phoebe is good.  She's getting the wind down of the school year, doing planning for the Classroom City project they do at the end of the year.  Her business is going to be making bags, bracelets and such out of decorated duck tape.  She's got Hello Kitty, dragons and other decorated colors of duck tape.  She's also trying to decide if she wants to be Mayor, landlord or banker for their city.

The boys are good.  Tommy has only been to Urgent Care once this week for a cut near his ear.  We think he walked into a table and hit his head.  He's such a bruiser, so it's good that he's a good kid at Urgent Care.  He really seems curious as to what the doctors and nurses are doing, but lets them do what they need to.  They are both getting so smart.  They talk all the time and we've been continuing to work on manners and how to ask for what they need.  Trying to keep the tantrums to a minimum.  They mostly have them when they are too tired or hungry to communicate, LOL!


Oh Heather, you sound so happy!

The kids sound like they're doing great - can't wait to see (hear) more about Phoebe's wares that she'll be selling.

So, NYC - I'll be there 24 - 28 July. How does that look for you?
Heather said…
OMG! So excited to know when you will be here! Of course I'll be there. I'll email you privately and we'll get more info!!! So excited!
Deanna said…
Glad things are going well!

I love Downton Abbey too. I need to check the listings for PBS and see when I can catch some Season 2 episodes. I haven't watched the Season 1 finale because I knew I would be sad about not being able to watch season 2 right away. Crazy, huh?!
I love this post. I think Marcia says it best when she wrote "you sound so happy!"

It really does bubble over - even though everything is crazy, crazy busy.

Congrats on the MBA program! So exciting...

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