Nurturing vs. Pampering

I read the most amazing blog post today (thank you, Marcia) and it really resounded with me.  You must go read this post from Tara Whitney

What really stayed with me is the concept of nurturing yourself vs. pampering yourself.  I've been slowly creeping into the nurturing of myself.  DH and I started working out first thing in the morning.  We started last week and it's continued into this week.  We each have been spending 50 minutes on the elliptical every day, which my lower back is starting to thank me for.  However, I want more in this work and life balance than just that.  I want to spend more time in the garden.  I want to spend more time in the kitchen making meals instead of ordering take out.  I want to work on more healthy meals.  I know we're healthy now, but I want to have the time to tweak it a bit.  And I want time to declutter some things and not have some things be so messy.  I'd like to be able to take a yoga class with Phoebe.  I've had as my word for the year of "Action" as opposed to last year which was "Dream".  But I think the action I want to take right now is do be actions of kindness to myself and my family.  I'm not going to take a break from my blogging, I don't think I'm as stuck in social media that I'm not living my life.  But I know work at the office tends to take over my life.  I know I've been kind of cranky at home and I think this is why.  I always feel like I'm rushed to do things and I'm not getting to enjoy the flow of my life.  Maybe that is life with two toddler boys, but I'm feeling there has to be a better way.


Mandy said…
I'm right there with you! That post was amazing. This summer I'm reinventing-slightly-our family. Starting with me! Time for action!
I know! I just LOVED it when I read it because I'd felt that but I didn't know how to articulate WHY the pampering was nice for a moment but doesn't do the trick!

I actually have a very low tolerance for my life not being in balance :) so I can only do this crazy for a really short time. After this week things should ease off QUITE a bit as the BOOK will be OUT!!!!!!
cat said…
AS I said to Marcia after reading that amazing post - Nurturing is everything. And the Happiness project has certainly helped me adressing what I need to do to nurture myself.
I think the big part about what makes this hard is it just requires so much planning... I just joined a CSA so that I get healthy veggies. That's at least a start to the nurturing, right?

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