Cleaning out the House and Other Nurturing Activities

Here's the latest goings on in our house and the things to come.  Lots of moving and shaking happening:

1.  Yesterday I cleaned out all of Phoebe's clothes.  She had lots of clothes that did not fit her anymore in her closet and drawers.  Now that they are all gone, we can see properly what she needs for the summer.  Not that I want to spend much on clothes for her this summer.  I'm sure they won't fit her very long.  She's already 5'4" and getting taller all the time.  I think by the end of this year, she will be taller than me. 

2.  I also cleaned the carpets in her room and the upstairs hallway last night with my carpet steamer/cleaner.  It's a Bissell and I love it! 

3.  I started cleaning off my desk at home this morning while I was getting ready for work.  That desk can get messy and then I clean it and then it gets messy again.  I think I need to stick to keeping it clean.  I always feel better when my home desk is organized.

4.  DH and I decided not to work out this morning as we had to get out the door early for DH to catch a train to Philadelphia today.  The train station is across the street from my work, so he rode into work with me this morning.  Which is also good, as they are throwing a retirement party for my old boss this evening after work.  DH will get to come with me, which I like.  We'll just have a drink and then run home to get the boys in bed.

5.  Since I didn't work out, I'm making sure I'm eating healthy.  I made DH and I a protein shake for the drive into work for our breakfast.  I had some hummus and veggies as a snack a little while ago, and I have a quinoa and black rice salad with roasted veggies for my lunch a little later. 

6.  Tonight DH and I are taking the boys cribs apart and they will start sleeping on their beds tonight!!!  DH is taking the day off work tomorrow to take one of the cribs and a dresser to his sister who's having her second child soon.  She's due mid-June, but apparently she looks like she could go any day now.  Last night I also packed up a changing pad, some receiving blankets and baby bath towels.  We don't know if she's having a boy or girl yet, so if she has a boy, she'll get lots of clothes!!!  Either way, I'll be cleaning out the boys old clothes soon, and either SIL gets them, or they are going to find another good home. 


Mandy said…
Go you! I can't wait for DH to finish up with the school year so I can get started on my house.

I certainly don't miss cleaning carpets, although I still have our carpet cleaner! HA! Maybe I need to clean out some more!!

GL with the bed transition. Ours was a cake walk and I hope yours is just as smooth.
Do you have 2 elliptical at home?

Go Heather at being so productive!!

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