Meet Up With Marcia

I have a saying lately that goes along with "When it rains it pours."  The new saying is "When the blessings come in they come in by the bucketload."  One of my recent blessings is meeting Marcia.  I've been so excited for this meet up, as we seem to be alike in so many ways online it's scary.  We both love to make lists.  We both love things to be organized and chaos drives us crazy.  We are both very into enforcing manners with our children.

I will say our meet up did not disappoint me.  Marcia is a beautiful person inside and out.  I loved listening to her talk and especially watch her talking with her hands - so happy to have a picture of that!  We got lots of good pictures, but of course there is never enough.  We had a lovely dinner with our husbands that evening and probably kept them out later than they should be, as they had early morning flights to catch back to Johannesburg.  Marcia and D - It was so nice meeting you and we owe you a trip.  South Africa is officially on our bucket list.  I hope we can bring our kids and they can all get to meet each other and have fun playing.  You inspire me more than you know.  I credit you and your coaching with one of the reasons I am sitting in the Executive MBA program at Villanova right now.  I've learned to live much more intentionally and in tune with my values because of reading your blogs and our emails.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart!


Mandy said…
Isn't she amazing! And her hands are always going, along with the bossiness! You should have seen her bossing around our server for pictures! It was hilarious, exactly what I expected. So glad you both enjoyed your time together!
LOL I love it, Heather. I don't even NOTICE the hands anymore, except when I'm speaking on stage, I do keep them more still than usual :)

And my best is how Mandy says I'm bossy because you do know I was holding my REAL bossiness back a bit because I didn't want to totally freak the waitress out. When I'm here in SA, I make those people take about 3 - 5 pics and I check to see if I'm happy before I let them go :)

We LOVED spending time with the two of you - I loved seeing you two together and I just love you to bits. I don't want to spoil the surprise but I have a whole post planned for Friday.

Also, seriously, please come to South Africa - you will have a BALL!
Awe. This sounds like it was so much fun! How wonderful that you got to meet up. YEAH!!!
I didn't even notice the hands! Maybe it's because I'm from the South and we all talk that way. ;)

And I'm laughing at the bossing of the server for the group picture...Marcia did take charge in Charlotte. I guess she was a bit travel-weary by the time of your NYC dinner. Still a pretty good shot, though!

Glad you all had such a fantastic meeting. I only wish D could have been with her in Charlotte, too.
Mrs FF said…
Marcia is amazing and like you I credit her for making some potentially life changing decisions. Now I'll look out for the 'hands' when next I see her ;)
cat said…
So glad you got to meet - Marcia is just lovely.

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