August Goals

I want to make sure I start August fresh with new goals.  I took August's goals and built on it from there.  Some of the items that didn't go so well (cardio/exercise!), I have on the list again and I will work on a better go of it this month.  This is really helping keep me focused and I really think it does pay off.  July was a very big month for me!  Not only did I get to meet Marcia, which was such a surreal experience, and work on getting prepared to go back to school while juggling work and family, but I also got requested to post for a job that is a promotion for me. I posted, interviewed and got the job all in the last week of July!!!  I can't believe all these good things are happening for me at once!!!  

  1. Date nights with DH - working on plans for the weekend of 8/10, but not sure what we'll have time for after that. 
  2. Finish filling out the paperwork for the boys to start preschool starting the 9/5.
  3. Potty training both boys to go on the big potty.  Finish working with Liam on getting #2 into the potty.
  4. Work with Phoebe on her math skill workbooks.
  5. Back to school shopping for Phoebe 
  1. Have my new position announced and work on transition to new role.
  2. Hire two new developers
  3. Document new development guidelines
  1. Finish steps to ensure payment is completed for school in August 2012 
  2. Finish pre-work from email
  3. Keep up with reading and assignments 
Health and Fitness
  1. Get cardio every day  
  2. Eat very healthy
  3. Drink 3-20oz bottles of water per day  
  4. Try 4 new healthy recipes
  5. Menu plan for week
  6. Come up with healthy lunch ideas for boys when they go back to school. I'll have to pack their lunch every day.  Snacks are provided by the school
  1. Post on blog daily
  2. Catch up on reading other blogs
  3. Finish working with the computer shop to get Tom's old information off his MBA program laptop (power supply died)
  1. Update the new budget and stick to it!
  2. Meet with our Financial Planner about the new budget and identify next steps  


And D calls me ambitious! You are too :) You set 22 for the month; I set 24...

Love all the health and fitness goals and Heather, A BIG CONGRATS to you on your promotion!

You're inspiring me!

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