Cleaning out the fridge

Since I started school in August last year, one of the casualties of my studies has been not having time to clean out the fridge properly. I could tell it really needed to be done, as I was noticing a weird odor when I opened it sometimes. Tom went out of town for the week and he left for the airport yesterday afternoon. So as the boys napped yesterday afternoon, I cleaned out the fridge very thoroughly. I found a moldy orange in one of the bottom drawers, so I think that was what was causing the smell. Everything is wiped down and sparkly clean.

Now if you an tell from this picture, I need to go to the grocery store. Mother Hubbard's cupboards are bare. Or at least the fridge is, LOL.


strongblonde said…
but it is sooooo organized :)

looks great! (and i hate those surprises that you find in the bottom of drawers!)
Heather said…
Thanks, but that milk gallon had one mouthful! LOL
Heather said…
Thanks, but that milk gallon had one mouthful! LOL
Mrs FF said…
Nice!! Weird as it may sound I like cleaning out the fridge and having "white" empty spaces. Makes me feel good and gives me reason to do the kind of shopping I like 2nd best grocery shopping :) My favourite kind of shopping is Shoe shopping ;) ;)
Queenie. . . said…
Where have you gone? Did you throw your blog password away with the moldy orange??!

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