Tommy Has Glasses!

I started noticing in photos thatTommy's left eye seemed to turn in sometimes. Then I started thinking it in person if he was tired. I still wondered if it was an optical illusion. Then I started mentioning it to family and preschool teachers. They all noticed it too, so I made him an appointment with the pediatric Opthomologist they both saw when they were babies. That appointment was Wednesday this week and she confirmed he was farsighted, but his vision far away is great! It's this farsightedness that was causing his one eye to turn in as it got tired during the day. She said it was great we caught it so early so not to permanently affect his vision.

The place she sent us to order the glasses had a quick 24 hour turn around and this picture was taken Thursday night. So far so good!

I did give myself a pat on the back for being a good mom!


He looks adorable, Heather! And yes, a big pat on the back to you.
cat said…
He looks very handsome indeed. And yes, you are a great mom!
Soupy said…
so handsome!!! :) ANd hard to believe how BIG our babies are getting (sigh)

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