Word for the Year 2013

I will leave you in suspense no longer.  The word for 2013 is "Smart."  This is so perfect on so many levels.  Last year's word was "Action" and boy, did I ever take action.  I was so action-y, I haven't had time to blog or read my favorite blogs.  So sad, but true.  But amazing things have happened in 2012.  We paid of our credit card debt, I had surgery to get rid of my "twin skin" and have the girls enhanced, I had the varicose veins on my leg fixed.  I started school again for my MBA.  I met Marcia and her husband for a fabulous dinner in NYC.  I can't even begin to go through the list of things that have been accomplished around here.

What I really love about the word "Smart" is it is a joint word for 2013 for both DH and me.  It was his idea.  He loved the word last year and thought this would be good for us for this year.  I love it because I will be in school all year, so I want to be smart there!  Also now that we have our finances more in order, there are other things we want to get done, but we want to be smart about it.  We don't want to jump into anything without researching it and making sure it will be for the best in the long run.  We want to be healthy and take care of ourselves, that's very smart as we're in our 40s and want to stay as young and energetic as possible.  So some exercise and healthy eating will be part of our plan for 2013.

I hope to make time to update on goals and such and read up on my favorite people in blogland.  Hope everyone has a Very Very Happy New Year!!!  Do you have a word of the year?  If so, please share it with me!


strongblonde said…
great word!! it has potential to push you in all sorts of directions!! :) cheers
Mrs FF said…
Happy New YEAR!
Smart is such a good word and we all can do with being smater (at least I know I can)

Don't have a word for the year but words I live by (and have lived by) for the past few years - Courage, Faith, Hope, Trust and Believe. Still trying to decide if I should make one of them my word of the year

Here's to a great year of smarter living
cat said…
Fantastic word!All the best/
Shavonda Duarte said…
A common word but is truly a powerful one. And knowing that you have applied this word throughout the year that has passed is really great. You smartly covered the areas of your life. In monetary, you paid off your debts; and in health, you got your varicose vein treatment done. I'm curious to know more smart things you are going to accomplish this year. Good going, Heather!
Shavonda Duarte

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