I Wish God Didn't Have Such Faith In Me - LOL

Did you ever hear the saying "God only gives you what you can handle?"  Sometimes I wish he didn't have such faith in me!  In the past few weeks, Phoebe had a concussion that caused her issues for three weeks, we had rough weather last week, that kept the boys out of school for all days but one and last but not least, Tommy had a stomach bug that took him to the hospital last night.  He's still working on getting his appetite and fluids back.

Phoebe got the concussion in cheerleading, which she will never do again, thank goodness as it conflicts with field hockey going forward.  She's doing great now, but it did involve two doctor's visits, being out of gym and sports at school for three weeks and therapy for the concussion.  Thankfully, that was over as of last Friday when she was cleared for all activities again.

The weather last week was crazy!  Icy roads from freezing rain on Monday, Tuesday was good, Wednesday icy roads, Thursday we had a big snow storm with 7+ inches of snow and Friday people were still digging out and it was icy.  I only got into the office one day last week and we were all stir crazy by the end of the week.  However, we believe this is the last snow of this winter, I got some pretty pictures and the kids had a great time rolling about in the snow like dogs.

After this was over and we had a busy weekend of visiting grandparents, our grand-niece, and a birthday party the boys were invited to on Sunday, Tommy started throwing up on Monday morning.  This lasted all day on Monday, he could not keep down any fluids and then the opposite end started acting up.  By the end of the day, we knew we needed to take him to the ER to keep from getting dehydrated.  Unfortunately, there were tons of people at the hospital and the wait to see a doctor was around 6 hours!!!  I've never seen it that bad before.  They gave Tommy medicine for the nausea, but three hours later, he was throwing up again.  That really got their attention!  We still didn't get out of there until 3AM and we were home a half hour later.  I was exhausted!  Today has been laundry time and get fluids and food back into Tommy.  He ate one piece of toast so far today and has been drinking fluids fine, but he's definitely not back to his old self yet.  I'm sure tomorrow will be much better.

Here's to Spring coming around the corner!  I saw robins outside the house today!  Getting back to the office again tomorrow and everyone back on their routines.


I really hate that phrase about God. I'm like "and.... what am I supposed to do with that?!"

HOWEVER! Sorry about Phoebe's concussion - it sounds dreadful! And Tommy's tummy bug too!

Get well soon, guys!

Here's to spring!
cat said…
Gosh that was an insane week! Glad all seem to be better now.

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