I Missed My 10 Year Blogoversary 2/24/2015

What a difference a decade makes!  I can't believe I started this blog 10 years and a month ago!  So much has happened and when I look at how time has gone by, it's amazing.  I read earlier blog posts and am amazed at where I was.

I was trying to rationalize to have another child or not.  We had so many problems and infertility treatments were not working.  I was sometimes trying to accept our fate in life as a one child household and other times desperate for hope, wanting to understand what could help us expand our family.  I already loved yoga, having found it before our daughter was born and that love has blossomed; however now I need to find time to go back to the mat.  I learned about eating clean, healthy food and what my diet was doing to my lack of fertility.  I embraced Traditional Chinese Medicine, leaving one acupuncturist when I didn't feel she was on my side and finding another fabulous one who by twist of fate, was good friends with my yoga instructor!

We went back to the doctor and through IVF were able to have our twins!  Our house now is completely full and crazy and I love it.  Phoebe is a teenager and taller than me!  The young woman she is becoming is amazing, strong and very smart.  The boys are as different from each other as can be and are each other's best friends.  They really love having each other so much.

I went to grad school and got my MBA!  During this blog span in 2007, Tom graduated from the same program I eventually went on to pursue.  It was amazing!  I've made many good friends through blogging, one close to home (about 40 minutes away) and another on the other side of the world in South Africa.  Marcia in South Africa and I have met in person three times!  The first time when she came to New York City with her husband and we all had dinner together.  The second and third time were a year after the first time when I was in South Africa for a school trip.  The third time was awesome as it was on Mother's Day at a lion and rhino preserve with her family and my family minus the two boys as they were back in the States staying with their grandparents.  I learned how much I love malva pudding on that trip and Marcia taught me that the cream on top must be warm!  I have yet to attempt to make this at home.  I'm quite sure I'll be disappointed that it doesn't quite taste the same.

Now, my grad school is over, the boys started Kindergarten, we had to move their first school as it wasn't working out and Phoebe is getting ready for high school next year.  I took a new role at work last August and I'm loving it.  I'm working more with business risk management but looking at technology risks in our company's online presence and mobile apps.  I get to be very proactive and do a lot of research, which makes me very happy!  I hate being reactive.  I can do it, but too much of it like in my old job make me very unhappy.

I'm working on getting more organized, with routines and systems to simplify our life.  I feel like so much of our life was put on hold, first to have babies, then going through the early years and my grad school.  I want to focus more on exercise, photography, gardening and cooking.  I've missed the blogging community so much as well as I keep posting less and reading less.  I keep meaning to fix this, but it also keeps taking a back seat.  Hopefully watching my 10 year anniversary of this blog breeze by without a notice from me is the kick in the seat of my pants I needed.


Mrs FF said…
10 years! Congratulations. That is a very long time. And from the recAp here so much has happened.

Here's to another decade :)
Wow - 10 years is a looooong time :) Congratulations!!1 My 10 years is next year sometime - I'll have to check and make sure I don't miss it (I miss it every year :)).

And yes, your friendship is very special to me, Heather. We need to plan a holiday somewhere we both want to go so the sets of twins can also meet. After all, how are we going to get them together so we can be MILs together one day :)


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