With The Stress, Some Happiness Has Arrived

Our closest friends, K&G, had their baby girl Thursday evening around 7 PM. Her name is Jameson Claire and she's absolutely beautiful. She weighs 5 lbs 14 oz and she's 20 inches long. Her weight is a little small because the doctor's wanted to take her early as she was measuring small on ultrasounds. I think she just needs to fill out now. She's definately long enough. I visited them at the hospital yesterday during my lunch time and she is gorgeous. She's got dark brown hair that we wonder if it will fall out and come in red or continue dark brown like her daddy (before he started shaving his head, LOL!). I didn't see her with open eyes, but she slept so sweetly with little rosebud lips and tiny eyelashes and eyebrows and a button nose. Can you tell I'm in smitten already?

Phoebe's been doing better. She had one incident on Thursday which caused her to lose TV and friend privs for another week. But I can tell this is working because Friday when she got mad at one girl, she hit a squishy toy alligator. Her teacher told her that she shouldn't hit at all, but I'm more pleased that she's learning to control herself. I found out a bit what the problem is. At her old school she never had to play with anyone she didn't like. At this morning program before Kindergarten, there are a few girls she doesn't like, "Because they giggle too much." or the other one I hear about a lot, "She says she has lots of money and drives in a limo and has a roller coaster in her backyard. She lies all the time and I don't like it." I got all of this out of her last night as we had our girls night upstairs watching movies (small reprieve from being grounded), eating pizza and chips, and chatting. Oh and she lost her 6th tooth Thursday night. It's the other top front one. So by now, she's lost all four bottom front ones and both of the two top front ones. Her adult teeth for all of these are quickly coming in.

Tom's brother had surgery yesterday. Apparently his pelvis is not broken but shattered. He needed surgery to fix that and something for his arm too. I need to call my in-laws and see how he's doing as Tom's at school, and I'm sure he's getting his updates there.


Crystal said…
Thanks for the update! I love the name Jameson.

Check out my blog. I have some updates!
MoMo said…
Congrats to your friend. I also love the name.
Anonymous said…
Jameson is such a great name!

Glad Phoebe is doing better. I think it's GREAT that she hit the alligator! That totally shows self control and her ability to direct her anger to a more appropriate place. Good for her.

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