Tag I'm It!

My friend Kelli has tagged me, so even though I haven't posted much lately, I need to do my part. I'll respond to the words, but I'm not sure who to tag.

1. autumn - Best time of the year. My wedding anniversary and Phoebe's birthday are both in October, prime autumn season.

2. hand - My mother's hands. Mine look a lot like hers do. I wonder if Phoebe's will be the same. It would be nice as I do get some comfort in looking at them.

3. dream - I have lots of them. Not at night though. I post about my wierd dreams at night. But decorating the new house. Having my family around me. I want to study yoga with Joan White in Philly when Tom's done school next spring.

4. avoid - procrastinate. I do that sometimes. I force myself not to on a regular basis.


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