Phoebe Fell and Other Updates

Why is it Phoebe can make such a huge deal out of a hangnail or a splinter, but an almost trip to the ER doesn't slow her down? The weekend before last, she was walking down her Aunt's basement stairs with her two-year-old cousin. He started to fall over the open side of the staircase (they were five stairs up). Phoebe grabbed him and broke his fall. He had one scratch on his leg and that was all. I couldn't say the same for poor Phoebe. Her face broke her fall on the concrete floor. She had a bloody nose (those happen all the time in the winter - I have to start running her humidifier tonight!), the left side of her mouth swelled up bigger than Angelina Jolie's lips, and she had scrapes all over the left side of her face. We were at a holiday party when this happened, so when we got the phone call we (or I should say, me) were really upset. Once we realized that she was not too bad off and her nose bleed stopped, we agreed they should make her lie down and put ice on her lips to get the swelling down and keep an eye on her for dizziness and stuff. The next day, I had to call the dentist because once the swelling went down she said her one tooth hurt. I got her into see the dentist for x-rays first thing on Monday, but everything looks OK. Thank goodness for neosporin! The scrapes on her face were all gone in a week and she's back to looking perfect in every way.

The really funny thing about this is that she really was insisting she was fine and wanted to go back and play with her cousins. I don't think much really keeps this girl down.

I also have some big news. I did make an appointment with our RE to have a consult to try again. It's January 7th!!! Wow! They fit us in so soon. I have to call HR now and make sure I get my new insurance cards in fast enough. So I guess if I haven't gotten knocked up this month by some miracle, my first step he'll recommend will probably be surgery to clear out any endometriosis, which is my primary cause of IF (they guess...). BTW, for those interested, we see Dr. Jeffrey Russell in Delaware. I really like his practice and he did help us get our daughter seven years ago. It is true that for most of the time your visits are with his office staff, but they are so kind and caring you really don't mind. He's also always there for the important things. He did two laproscopic surgeries on me, one D&E after a diagnosis of our 10-week old fetus not surviving and he always seems to know what my current status and results are. Wish me lots of luck! My daughter needs a little brother or sister. If I could somehow win the IF lottery and get both, I'd be thrilled beyond belief.


Anonymous said…
Poor Phoebe! I'm glad she's feeling better now. As for your other news, my fingers are crossed, crossed, crossed!
Trace said…
We've been going to Dr. El Roy (not spelled correctly) at Crozier. It's really close which turns out to be a good thing since I have to go so frequently for the monitoring appointments. It's a similar set up in that his staff does most of the work (blood draw and inseminations). He's always patting my shoulder and asking me *How are you?* in this sensitive caring way (eye roll). He did get best of the main line so I'm hoping for the best.

Glad that Phoebe is ok!! The holidays are approaching very quickly!!

Have you been to the holiday diplay at Longwood? I heard it's really nice.
Beth said…
Oh poor Phoebe!! I am glad to hear she is feeling better. Best of luck in January. My fingers and toes are crossed for you. :)
Kirsten said…
What a brave girl...taking the fall for her cousin!!!
That is so exciting about your upcoming RE visit (I sometimes think about the day I'll get to go back to mine to try for our next baby, IF we decide to do so!)
I'll be praying for good news for you guys :)
Sara said…
Glad Phoebe is okay and so glad hopefully you will soon have some answers to your questions so Phoebe can have a sibling! :-)
Loren said…
I'm so happy you're going to an RE!!! That's awesome. Keep up updated. :) I really hope Phoebe gets a little bro or sis soon.

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