Phoebe's Fifth Grade School Picture

Here's Phoebe's 5th Grade School Picture.  I really like her in red or bright colors.  She's definitely becoming quite the little lady.


She is growing up beautifully, Heather!
Brandy said…
What an awesome pic! :-)

Thank you so much for the encouraging comment. Aiden will be 6 and Livi will be 4 when I get my ASN and I hope they will be able to remember it so they will one day know they can do anything they want to also. Of course I don't plan to stop there, I would like to go into higher care nursing, but this has been a leap and a struggle to get through so means something those other things just won't.
She is BEAUTIFUL!!! Awe. Makes me so happy.
Lauren said…
She takes beautiful school pictures!
Anonymous said…
omg. she looks great! so pretty!
So beautiful! I love colors like the shirt she is wearing. School photos seem to be a lot more flattering and just 'nice' than when we were in school (um, anyone remember those neon 80s laser backgrounds?).

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