Bouncing Back From Depression

I've been pretty depressed lately. Monday I hit my all time low, which coincidentally was also my dad's birthday. Needless to say I'm sure I'm on his not favorite child list as I forgot to call him I was so depressed. This whole two mortgage thing with no contract in site is really frustrating. Especially when lots of other houses on our block are selling. Our house is really very lovely, just no pool. It has a really flat backyard perfect for putting a pool in though.

Anyway, on Monday, Mom called to make sure I didn't forget to call Dad and tell me she read my blog over the weekend and sent me an email about it. Sorry, Mom, I still have yet to check my emails to see what you had to say. Mom told me I needed to bury a statue of St. Joseph in the yard to get it to sell quicker. Wish I knew that sooner. I was going to wait for her to mail me hers, but yesterday I got really mad at myself and wanted to do something to improve my situation, so I found the nearest Catholic store, bought a statue and prayer cards for St. Joseph, St. Anne (my patron saint as middle named for), and St. Katharine Drexel (Phoebe's patron saint as middle named for, Tom and I both went to Drexel University so it seemed fitting). Phoebe and I went to the old house and buried St. Joseph next to the "For Sale" sign, upside down, and facing the street. Prayers to St. Joseph have also begun.

Last night I was on a roll getting house stuff done at the new house. It was starting to look how I felt... a total mess! I made dinner and straightened up the kitchen. I then put Phoebe in the tub after dinner and cleaned the whole upstairs. I dusted. I vacuumed. I scrubbed toilets, tubs, sinks and showers. It was a mind cleansing experience. Other than my mom and I, does anyone else get that satisfaction from seeing or hearing stuff get vacuumed up off the floor? I really get a strange pleasure out of it.

We still haven't had any appointments to see the house in a few days. It's been strangely quiet. I'm really afraid that we're going to get a contract when Tom is in China. He leaves on May 6th. I better remember to mention that to the realtor today as to what we need to do to make sure I can sign things while he's out of the country.


There is a lot of satisfaction in vacuuming - whatever works. I hope your house sells soon. I'm told that houses sell better in the spring - people want to move before summer. Don't know if that's true or not but I hope it makes you feel better and is a reality for you. St. Joseph never hurts - I had a cousin that sold their house within hours of burying the statue.
Gerah said…
I LOVE vacuuming stuff up. I think it's a Feng shui thing. When you're house is clean and tidy, so is your conscience...
Crystal said…
Hi Heather! I'm so sorry about this depression that you have been feeling. I know how you must feel about the two houses.

You just need a general and specific power of attorney. I have authority to sign off on all paperwork concerning the house and could sell it if need be.

I know how you feel w/out the pool, we never got a pool and many of the the houses on our streets with pools go faster than those without, but just like you, we have a nice, big, flat backyard. So, here's some sales vibes going out to you!
emily said…
After a day spent cleaning,I feel so peaceful.Crazy,I know.
Good luck on the house.
BillieS said…
Okay, Heather....
No entries for a while. I'm starting to worry about you.
Michelle said…
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