Bad Dreams Go Away Magic Spell

Wow! Two posts in one day!!! I just had to blog about this. Indigo Girl had posted about her daughter having bad dreams and looking for advice. I had to post what we do in our house to keep away bad dreams. I have to admit it was one of my most brilliant mommy moments as I pulled this one out of my a$$ when I came up with it.

When Phoebe was about 3 or 4 years old, she started complaining about nightmares. I knew it was half true and half stalling for bedtime. She has always been very into witches, wizards and spells (heck she was named after the character on Charmed and my due date was Halloween), so I came up with a magic spell on the spot to keep away bad dreams. I figured all it had to do was rhyme. I will share it with you all and feel free to try it if you need it:

Bad dreams, bad dreams go away
In Phoebe's dreams she must play
She should dream of ice cream and cake
Until the morning when she wakes

She loves it! She still asks for it sometimes if she's had a nightmare the night before. I think it helps for the psychological part of nightmares and gives her something good to think about when she falls asleep.


Martha said…
Cute, got any spells for PMS insomnia??
Lynda said…
Love the poem - it's great.

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