PG - 25 Weeks 2 Days - Glucose Tolerance Test

Everything continues to do well. My energy level has gone up lately. I think it has to do with eating more greens (iron), but then again, I could just have been having a good past week.

Yesterday, I can't say we had a good day. I had the glucose tolerance test in the morning and it wiped me out for the rest of the day. First off, the concept of me fasting right now is a fate worse than death. I'm currently eating "2nd breakfast" at 9:30 AM. A raisin bagel and cream cheese. I have a bowl of banana nut cheerios every morning for breakfast as soon as I get up in the morning. So I didn't eat anything yesterday morning and then they had me drink that sugary drink. It didn't taste too bad - they gave me orange flavored. Within 5 minutes, the boys were all over the place jumping around. An hour later, they took my blood, Leo took me to get some real breakfast at Perkins, and then I called out sick for the rest of the day. I was so tired from coming down off that sugar high, I slept for two hours.

Things are going well getting ready for the babies. We registered at BabiesRUs on Saturday. We looked at everything except clothes. We picked out high chairs, infant carriers, double stroller, diapers, bottles and such. We did pick up two Phillies onesies and two newborn size Phillies baseball caps, as they were 20% off. It'll be perfect for them to wear in the summer months. I've also finished washing all the stuff we can reuse from Phoebe and they are in the nursery room drawers waiting to go. I have a few more things to get done to move a few more of Phoebe's things out of the nursery. I've been taking my time as the energy moves me.

I'll be able to post some pictures of Phoebe's ice skating competition later today, as we downloaded them off the camera. Hope everyone had a Happy Easter!


Martha said…
So sorry for the sugar test, ugh!
Phillies onesies, super cute!!
I promise I won't send any LA Dodgers gear to your boys!
Mimi said…
I can't believe you are 25 weeks already! Too cool!

Carrie Ann said…
I feel for you with the glucose test. It made me so ill. All that sugar at once!! Well I hope you pass (unlike me).
I hated that GTT. Ugh! But you survived and got a Perkins breakfast out of the deal--YUM! Glad to hear that things are continuing to go beautifully. ((HUGS))
nancy said…
I don't mind that oragne drink at all. It's the cola one that makes me barf!

Glad you had a nice day off though. By the end of it, it definitely didn't sound like a bad day.
Rumour Miller said…
Wow! 25 weeks! Feels like it is flyin by! At least to me!
Jill said…
Glad you got the GTT out of the way. I'm not looking forward to it! Disgusting!

Congrats on getting registered!!

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