PG - 27 Weeks 3 Days - The Working Mom Blues

I'm not really blue though, just so busy I don't have time to be blue. I could write a book on juggling First Communion Retreats and weekend implementations at work, husbands that go out of town, First Communion dress rehearsals, orthodontist appointments, 2nd grade homework, more implementation issues from the weekend spilling over into the week (and the previously mentioned orthodontist appointment), end of 1st Quarter reviews at work to give, documenting all the great work we've done in the 1st Quarter, etc. I can't wait for this week to be over, but there's so much going on it's going very quickly. The bright spot is that I'm getting my roots touched up at the hair salon tomorrow morning, as I can't fathom going to Phoebe's First Communion this weekend with my big dark roots.

I also had my 26-week appointment with my OB on Friday and things are still going great. I got the official word that I did pass the glucose tolerance test! and my blood pressure is still really good. What's really rough is I seem to be really itchy on my hands, lower arms and lower legs. The OB sent me for a liver bile test, which while rare would explain what I'm experiencing. On one hand, I don't want it to be that, but I'd love to know what to do to stop from being so itchy. I have a bumpy rash with it too. It's going to take until next week to get the blood test results, so I have to suffer through until then. Other than that, the boys are pushing their feet under my ribs these days, which feels really odd, but I'm glad to know they are growing so well. No more appointments for me until mid-May when I'll be 30 weeks, but from there on out, I'll be at the doctor's office a lot. Woo hoo! Getting to the home stretch.


Shal said…
Yay, The homestretch.. I'm so ready! I can imagine you are too!

I can't wait to hear about how adorable and cute and wonderful the boys are... and PICTURES!!!!

I'll do the same with our lil girl!

Congrats on Phoebe's First Communion! My other lil girl is excited to have hers, but I told her it's still a few years off, but she LOVES the dresses and how beautiful all the girls looked. I told her it was more than just the dresses, but hey... she's 3, and she wants to be a princess! :)
seussgirl said…
I developed a rash early in my 29th week; I never did get to find out what caused it, as my boys came 2 days later. I used Benadryl - both oral and cream. I hope you find relief!
Martha said…
I am so glad all is well. Sorry you are so busy and itchy to boot.
Yeah for Phoebe's communion.
Jill said…
Wow-you have been a busy bee! Take care of yourself and the boys too!

Glad all is well with the pregnancy and enjoy Phoebe's first communion!!
docgrumbles said…
woo hoo! Congrats on passing the GTT and good luck with the home stretch!
On My Mind 24/7 said…
Yeah for passing the glucose test! I hear ya about being uncomfortable-and I only have one baby in there! Almost near the end!

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