PG - 26 Weeks 2 Days - Level 2 Ultrasound

Wow! Updates two days in a row! You guys will start expecting more updates soon! But I had to post today as I had another Level II ultrasounds checking out "the boys". I haven't been in for an ultrasound in four weeks, so it was very exciting. Their stats are as follows:

Baby Boy 1: head down, presenting second, heart rate 129 bpm, estimated weight 1 lb. 15 oz.

Baby Boy 2: head down, presenting first, heart rate 140, estimated weight 2 lbs, 2 oz.

So for the first time, one of them had an estimated weight different from the other. They aren't concerned though, as they are still very close together. I have to admit what looked great was that they looked so much more hearty than the did at the last ultrasound. You could see how they were filling out very nicely with their weight.

I was also happy that they were both head down. Let's all keep our fingers crossed they stay that way, as I'd really rather have a natural childbirth as we had with Phoebe. But as I say, I'll do whatever my doctor tells me to for a safe delivery of two healthy babies. My doctor has told me before that she has a 50/50 stat for a natural delivery of twins. Especially when there's been a vaginal delivery in the past and the first one is presenting head down the odds are much greater in favor of a vaginal delivery of twins, so I'm still very hopeful.

They also let me know that the next ultrasound appointment will be my last that I wait 4 weeks for. So my next appointment is in 4 weeks, but then after that they will see my in 2 weeks and then after that it will be weekly. So I'll have an ultrasound at 30 weeks, 32 weeks and then weekly for the remainder of the pregnancy. I see my OB/GYN doctor on Friday and she's currently seeing me every 3 weeks. I figure she'll let me know when she'll be asking to see me more often when I see her then.

By the way, do me a favor and pop by and give some support to my twin pregnancy partner at The Infertile Mermaid. She's on bedrest right now to try to ensure both babies are growing properly and to help her blood pressure. I'm hoping things look better from now on and her dream of bringing home her two healthy babies is realized.


Martha said…
I am so glad the "boys" are doing well. Stay head down please, fellas!
I will go over and say hello to Infertile Mermaid. Thank you.
sky girl said…
Sounds like everything is going along swimmingly well. I'm so happy for you.
Mermaid said…
Sounds like the boys are growing big and strong! And I can't believe that boys are being cooperative (heads down)! :) Thanks for the kind words!
On My Mind 24/7 said…
Glad the twins are doing great! I hope my little one stays head down too! Phoebe looks so pretty in her Easter dress!
YAY for a great appointment! I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that they stay right where they are! :)
Kim said…
Vaginal deliveries with twins are more common than you think - especially if you're little ones stay head down to co-operate - all the best with your twin pregnancy:)
Jill said…
I'm glad to hear that the boys are doing well. Great weights! And woohoo on them turning to head down!! Maybe you'll get a vaginal after all. Good sign and they'll soon run out of room to move around much more, so they may stay put for the duration!

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