PG - 26 Weeks 1 Day - Catch Up on Pics

Everything is going great! We've been super busy nesting (more on that in a later post!), so here's some pics to help you all forgive me for my infrequent posting as of late. First off - here's Phoebe at her ice skating competition!!! I'm so proud of all the hard work she put into learning her program and how she performed on ice for the first time by herself. The fact that she got second place in her age group and level is just icing on the cake. She's so much more graceful than I ever was at this age. Then again, she works so hard at at it.

Next up - Easter family photos! We clean up good! I especially love Phoebe's dress we bought this year. And you'll get to see my belly without a big black trench coat hiding it, although I'm realizing now that the print really hides what I look like. At work I call that shirt my "shock and awe" shirt, meaning I distract people from my pregnancy with the "shock and awe" from the bright print.


Martha said…
What a great pictures and beautiful family!! Phoebe is amazing, very graceful line indeed.
Shock and Awe, LOL, you still look major glowing prego w/twins even with the It's So Loud I Can't Hear You Print
As always, Phoebe is beautiful and you look AMAZING!!! Goodness! :)
Loren said…
You are a gorgeous family! I love Phoebe's dress, especially the under layer..and she is such a beauty. :) She is going to be a stunner one day!
Shal said…
What a great family picture! Congrats to Phoebe again! She looks so graceful on the ice.. I'd be slipping all over the place!

Good luck this last trimester my pregnancy twin! :)
Just Me. said…
Sorry, I haven't been around! Man, you are one hot mama! Looking great!!!!!

Mimi said…
Thiose are great pictures! You look so good for carrying twins!

Piccinigirl said…
You look gorgeous!!!! and Two boys!!!! YIPPEE!!!! I haven't been by in a while, so I'm catching up!!
Rachael said…
wow, that is awesome. great job phoebe! she is beautiful!
Carrie Ann said…
What a beautiful family! You look great! And Phoebe's so pretty -

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