Nicknames and a the Honeymoon Phase

I'm really enjoying the babies as they are starting to be more alert and checking things out. I love talking to them and watching their reactions. They both have the biggest blue eyes. I wonder if they will stay that way. I keep coming up with new nicknames for the boys. It seems to be easier coming up with nicknames for Liam than Tommy. The nicknames for Tommy I come up with usually refer to his stature or his head. I call Tommy "Mr. Round Head", "my little brick wall" and sometimes just "Brick". Liam I call "Spike", "my little love bug", "Mr. Cozy" and his street name "L.I.Am" (LOL!).

I have a great story by the way. The other day, I heard Tommy crying and I was surprised as it wasn't time for him to eat yet - which is his usual reason to cry like he was. I ran in to see what was up and Liam was sucking on the back of his brother's head. Seriously. There was sucking noises and a huge wet spot on the back of Tommy's head. I think I'd cry like that too if someone took a vacuum to the back of my head. I wish I had a camera. There are lots of moments like that where I just wish I had a camera.


Martha said…
The boys sound so cute, I am so happy for you all. That is a cute story about sucking the head, super cute.
Martha said…
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Hilary said…
Oh man I would cry too if someone was sucking on my head :) How funny!! Keep enjoying those babies:)
On My Mind 24/7 said…
Too funny! Make sure to write all those cute moments down for them when they get older!
Anna said…
That's too funny.... Liam sucking on his brother's head. Even without the picture, the description is quite vivid.

My, how much they've grown. Been a while since I've been able to check in. They're looking so healthy and well... I thank God.
The nicknames are funny.

All the best,
Lynda said…
Good to hear that all is well - that everyone is home and the routines are starting to happen. Great pics - Phoebe looks rapt with her brothers. Take care.
nancy said…
hey darlin. Just trying to check in on you. What a cute scene you came into!
Mrs M@sk said…
That's hilarious! Poor Tommy though!

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