The End of the Apnea Monitors!!!

Last night was the first night without the boys hooked up to the apnea monitors. It was amazing!!!! For the first time since they were born, I was able to swaddle them without having to make way for wires. I will admit I did check on them a few times to make sure they were breathing, but I think we all do that with our babies anyway.

We were able to stop using the monitors as I am a month past my original due date and they are very healthy. We did go to see the pediatrician yesterday because it looked like Tommy was breathing weird. His ribs on his chest were looking like they were being sucked in when he was breathing. I'm not sure how long he's looked like that when he was breathing as I never worried about Tommy's health even when the false alarms have been going off for him and not Liam. I think it's mostly because Tommy is the big eater, bigger baby and always such a happy baby. Liam is smaller, doesn't eat as much, throws up his feeds often and is really hard to get him to smile. But the doctor checked out Tommy and said he's doing great, no problems, but she agreed it was better to be safe than sorry. he said that his chest being sucked in on the sides when he was breathing had to do with his prematurity and that his ribs are more flexible because of that.

Other than that, things are exhausting. It takes an hour and a half to feed both the boys when I'm on my own, which is most of the time. Leo helps during the middle of the night feedings if both boys are awake at the same time, but I don't bother him if they go one at a time. So some nights I'm awake from 3:30 AM until 5 or 5:30 AM. When Phoebe starts school next week, I won't go back to sleep at this time, but I do for now. During the day, the boys do still have their fussy times such as late morning and early evening/dinnertime. They are "the witching hours". Phoebe was the same way too. Usually finding the burps that were missed after feedings helps, but it takes some time. And then I'm trying to make sure that they have tummy time. But all in all they are good babies. I think they are not too fussy, as someone up above is being kind since there is already twice the work.

Phoebe is also the best. She's been helping me with the boys and other chores around the house. Yesterday was great as for the first time this summer Phoebe and I even got to play tennis on the Wii today and then she showed me how to use Wii Fit more. And after dinner we went out for ice cream. I wanted us to do something fun since Leo is out of town for work. After we got back from ice cream, I bathed the boys, fed them and they were off to bed.

Here's some pics from a swimming outing we had at a friend's house.

Liam dipping his toes in the pool with Leo

Tommy in the pool with Leo

Close up pic of Tommy sleeping

Close up pic of Liam sleeping


Billie said… precious. Love seeing the pictures. So happy for you.
sky girl said…
Great news! Sorry about the exhaustion. I can't imagine how tired you must be.
Heather said…
I can't get over how adorable they are!! Congrats on the no monitors!
Martha said…
Yipee for no more apnea monitors!! I am glad Leo and Phoebe are so helpful, hope you get plenty of rest.
Summer said…
My son is almost seven, and has always been a healthy kid (knock on wood!) and yet every once in a while, I'll find myself sneaking into his room at night to stand next to his loft bed to listen for the sound of his breathing! So yes, you are VERY normal to do those is-he-breathing checks with your boys.

I hope you're experiencing happy-tired, and that the boys start sleeping through the night before you get to the stage of "please just let me lie down on the floor and die" tired.
Anonymous said…
Good news indeed!! Do you enjoy the Wii fit? I've been undecided whether to buy it as I'd rather hear first-hand critique before purchase.
Shal said…
so adorable! I love it! They are sooooooo cute!
Michelle Smiles said…
That must be such a wonderful milestone - and wow they are adorable! Congrats!

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