Sorry I've Been MIA

Things have been so busy and we had to get ready to go to Knoxville, TN with the boys and Phoebe to go to my youngest SIL's wedding. We had a great time, but it was exhausting for us all. Nicki (the SIL that is helping me with the boys now and when I go back to work) is back with us and I'm looking forward to getting more accomplished now that she is here.

To make up for my absence, here are some adorable pics of the boys and Phoebe. I love this one. It shows how Liam will sleep through Tommy making a fuss. Tommy loves to make a fuss when he is hungry. You just can't get to him to eat fast enough. Liam is so laid back and patient and obviously deaf, LOL.

Here's some pics of our boys' cute little faces.



Phoebe and "her siblings". Please note the "University of TN Forensic Anthropology" t-shirt that has a skull on it under the bedtime sweater wrap, hospital scrub pants for pj bottoms, the pink hair clip-on and the arm full of bracelets. She has her own style, that's for sure. Makes me smile....

And here's another pic of Phoebe, this time with just Tommy. I see this pic and all I can think of is the Lion King song "Can you feel the love tonight?..." You can really see in this pic how much she loves her little brothers.


sky girl said…
Wow! Tommy looks very ... mature or something. You can definitely see what he'll look like in a year or two from now.
I love the pics, especially the one of Liam with his hair sticking up.

Phoebe looks like an awesome older sis.

Heather, I am just catching up on blogs and seeing that both of your boys are now home where they so happy for you and wish you all the best as you adjust to the new routine!
Anonymous said…
:) thanks for posting pics. the boys look like they are doing well and that phoebe is really a rockstar as a big sister :)

Martha said…
Such beautiful children! Phoebe looks so delighted w/her baby bro.
Anna said…
Love the top photo!
The boys are growing so well, and look so great. How truly blessed.

Yeah, Phoebe looks the doting older sibling.

Best wishes to everyone,
Trace said…
Aw, so cute!

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