Twin Boy Pics! - 7 1/2 months

Here are some updated pics of the boys some are from yesterday, but others are from within the last two weeks. First. Here's "my little destroyer" aka Tommy. He tipped the whole baby gym on it's side when he forced himself to roll over when he was at the end. Sorry if Tommy is out of focus, but this was the best pic that showed the carnage.

Here's some pics of Liam and his beautiful teeth! All four of them. Tommy still has none! But Tommy loves to eat teething biscuits and Liam hates them. I needed to take two pictures to get both top and bottom teeth captured. You have no idea how many pictures I took to get these. Liam will laugh and smile, but the instant he sees the camera he goes all serious and won't smile again.

Here's a cute photo of Tommy's face. Poor thing has these little blemishes around his top and bottom lip from the way he sucks his fingers and/or thumb. He has such sensitive skin. I'm constantly putting lotion or some kind of cream on his skin. Liam on the other hand has gorgeous skin all the time!

Here's Liam with his gorgeous skin (and check out the perfect eyebrows!) He reminds me so much of Phoebe when she was a baby. She just had a lot more hair.

Here's Tommy doing his best "superman". Tommy is the active boy. He's on the verge of crawling. Yesterday Niki and I saw him push himself forward using his toes. He has been trying to get his toes underneath himself lately, but yesterday was the first time he actually did something from it. He's also pivoting on his belly too, which the PT says is a precursor to crawling too.

Here"s the two of them playing on the floor. I couldn't get Liam to look at the camera. They spend a lot of time on the floor with their tons of toys, although you don't see any of the toys in the pics. I wanted to make sure you could see the babes. They can get lost in all the toys! By the way, Liam still refuses to roll over to his stomach. We help him all the time so he can get good tummy time and then sometimes he'll roll over to his back, but he looks stunned if he is successful.

At lunchtime yesterday, I got some good pics of the boys. I was working from home, but I took a break to help Niki feed the boys and take some of these cute pics. Here's a rare pic of Liam's happy face.

Here's Liam unhappy face.

Here's Tommy sucking his thumb.

Here's Tommy after I pick his thumb out of his mouth looking at me like "What did you do that for?"

And here is Tommy looking up smiling at his Aunt Niki. Hope you all enjoy the pics!


sky girl said…
Holy moly but they are freaking adorable.

Where did 7.5 months go???
The Nanny said…
They are TOO cute. Seriously. Can't handle the cuteness overload :)
Mermaid said…

How do I get Grace to suck her thumb and not gag herself? Takes talent.
Absolutely, outrageously cute! I was so unprepared for how adorable this age is, but I sure love it. Those little teeth -- sigh! I think I am going to pass out with excitement when I finally look in and see those on my little man (and believe me, I am allllways looking...).
Piccinigirl said…
omg, they are beautiful...I loved all those pictures, what perfect little boys. Just want to squeeze them!!!
Leigh said…
Heather!!! They get more handsome all the time!

I love the Superman pic - that has got to be my favourite :)

Connor does the same thing with the playgym.

Those teeth are SO gorgeous!

Someone wrote a comment on my blog once that they're always working on something - your boys are a good example. Liam's been working on the teeth and Tommy's been working on the rolling and crawling :)
Thanks for stopping by my blog....I have to say, one child taxes me some days beyond all words :) I truly do not know how you moms of twins do it. You are a strong, amazing, awesome woman and mommy! Now go make some yummy chocolate desserts to enjoy :)xoxo
Diana said…
Wow, look at those blue eyes! Looks like they want to crawl really bad. :)
Carrie Ann said…
They are sooo handsome! Double heart breakers! I love their blue eyes. They will have each other to play with and be best buddies for life - twins are awesome. Time has flown by so fast - I just remember seeing the pics of you pregnant!!

Thanks so much for your comments - I responded to them on my blog.
Martha said…
The boys are so beautiful and getting So Big So Fast!!
Anonymous said…
so cute ;)

i can't believe they are so old already!!!
Queenie. . . said…
They are SO cute. It's funny that one likes teething biscuits and the other doesn't. I love that they start developing their own personalities so early.

And have I mentioned how much respect I have for mothers of multiples now that my singleton is here?! I can't imagine how you do it!
..Soo.See.. said…
They're gorgeous!! Congrats! I found you through comments on my blog and remembered from way back in the day. Your boys are too cute!
Taryn said…
What cute boys!!! As for the teething one of my daughters had 6 teeth before the other got her first one. She was 17 months before she cut her first tooth. The doctor had told us not to worry until she was 18 months. Talk about cutting it close. lol
Deanna said…
Those pictures are precious! I love the one of Liam's happy face, and then that last one is just adorable!! They are getting to be such big boys.
Suzanne said…
They are so adorable! Love the pics!

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