He Rolled Again!

Last night I found Liam on his stomach in his crib, so he had to have rolled from his back to stomach! The last time he did that on his own was 12/28/09. He's really taking his time learning how to move around on his own. Makes me think I should be afraid when he finally starts moving for real. He'll have some serious exploring to catch up on.

When I got all excited about Liam rolling last night, Leo told me he saw Liam roll the other day when he was in the living room. I asked if it was back to tummy. He said "No. It was tummy to back." I told him that didn't count as he doesn't like to be on his tummy, so he loves to get himself to his back again.


Anonymous said…
HOORAY for rolling!! Zoey was late with all those particular milestones. Now she's a monkey.
Leigh said…
how sweet - he's keeping you guessing, Heather.

Connor is not in the least bit interested in rolling from back to tummy. Kendra however is a real monkey!
Carrie Ann said…
That's so exciting - your little guys are growing so fast!!
Martha said…
That is really sweet that he's getting motivated to move.

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