Yin and Yang - The Twin's Personalities

I have to admit the boys are like each other's opposites which is really really funny. Here are some of their differences:

Tommy - Very very happy baby. He does get mad sometimes when he's tired or hungry, but sometimes you don't realize it's coming on because he's such a happy baby. Which is why we usually watch the clock to realize when he needs to eat or sleep. He loves everyone and is a big flirt. I'll actually see him look at people when we're out and doing something like "Do they see how cute I am?"

Liam - A very serious baby. He looks at everything quite warily, not sure if he's going to like it or not. Thankfully, by now, he knows us and if he's not getting hungry or tired he smiles a lot at us. But he easily begins showing he's hungry or tired by moaning. He's adorable in public and people seem to notice how cute he is, but he plays hard to get kind of smirking to himself like he's thinking, "Yup. Eat your heart out! Maybe I care, maybe I don't."

Tommy - A very sturdy baby. He's not overly chubby, but he is stocky and loves to roll and eat his toes. You pick him up and the word that comes to your mind is that he is solid. He loves roll around and move his body, grabbing at everything he can, being curious with everything around him. He seems to have very strong legs and abs, and not so much upper body.

Liam - I wouldn't say he's a skinny baby, but he's very wiry. After picking up Tommy, you feel like you could hold two of Liam. Sometimes I think it's also the tension Liam holds in his wiry body that makes him feel light too. He's not as interested in moving and exploring his body as Tommy is. He's content watching people, like his brother, do things. I don't know if he's studying how to do something before he tries or if he just likes watching. I have a feeling though that when he starts moving, he's going to be my monkey boy that climbs all over things, as he doesn't have much weight to pull around. We've also noticed he has better upper body strength than his brother.

Tommy - Loves playing with vowel noises these days. Mostly "dada" or "baba" or "mama".

Liam - Still coos a lot when he's happy. Vowel sounds that have come from him are "vava" and "fafa". I think it's because he's playing with how his teeth feel on his lips.

Tommy - still toothless!!!

Liam - 4 teeth. I'm sure he will be doing more soon.

Tommy - Opens his mouth like a bird. Can't get enough of food. He spits up a lot because he works his stomach muscles so much, but he will eat and eat and eat.

Liam - Plays hard to get with food, just like he does with people. Doesn't open his mouth as much as Tommy, but you know he wants the food.

What they both have in common right now with eating is they both seem very very interested in regular people food. Last night when friends were over, we let them have some hummus on pita chips. Tommy sucked the hummus off the chip and Liam ate the hummus, but wanted to bite the pita chip, so I made sure he just got small bites not to choke. This morning they had some little pieces of blueberry muffins and for dinner had mushed up chicken noodle soup I made yesterday. They loved the muffins! We've been giving them little bits of noodles or bread here and there for the past week and they've been loving it. I think I might let them try some little wedges of rye toast at breakfast this weekend. As long as we don't leave the room, I'm sure they will be fine and love it.


Leigh said…
I love this post, Heather. I need to do one like it too but am too lazy :)

Tommy sounds very much like Connor in many, but not all, respects.

Hmm, maybe I should start taking notes.
Heather said…
I love seeing the differences. To see their different personalities forming...so cute.
Mermaid said…
Great post. Mine are complete opposites, as well. Nicholas is solid like Tommy. The best way to describe Grace is delicate. She's a watcher, too.

I feel kind of behind on the feeding thing. Neither have teeth nor are they really interested in food. Nicholas started out interested but has decided it isn't worth his effort. Grace is suspicious of food. Milk is better in her opinion. Sweet potatoes and apples are ok, rice and every other veggie I try are so-so. For their reflux to improve, they need to move to foods but are resisting. I will admit that I don't try often enough since I'm at work so much. I don't let the nanny feed them food yet, I'm just not that comfortable with it yet.
JermaineOscar said…
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Piccinigirl said…
wow, I loved hearing all about them and their differences. Plus them liking BIG PEOPLE food already??? My kids just starting like it & they are 2!!! LOL

they sound wonderful...I'm so glad they are both developing so well!
Spanglish said…
My twin brothers still have their same personality traits from when they were babies and toddlers... now they are 32 years old.
Jules said…
Our girls are also more interested in people food...... can't snack or eat around them without being stalked.

The boys' differences got me thinking - ours act very much like each other.
ModernMom said…
I think what amazes me the most is that their teeth have come in so differently! What a great post. You should print this one for the baby books!
Martha said…
This is so wonderful that they've each got their own personalities. Such cutie pies!!!
strongblonde said…
:) isn't it fun to see how they're different? one of our twins is totally solid, too. i swear, he's making me get stronger since i carry him around so much!

i can't believe the tooth difference!! lol!

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