Doctor's Visit - RSV and H1N1 Take Two

The boys went to the doctor yesterday for their second month of RSV shots (Synagis) and their H1N1 flu booster shot. The exciting part was that they were weighed yesterday to know what dosage they needed for the Synagis shots. They both needed two shots for this time because of their weight, but that's not the exciting part. What was so exciting was that they are only 2 pounds different now instead of three! I thought Liam was starting to catch up in weight. Their weights were as follows:

Tommy: 17 lbs 15 oz (8.14 kg)
Liam: 15 lbs 15 oz (7.23 kg)

The boys are starting to look a lot more like each other that you have to think pretty hard as to who is who. Which is funny considering they were so different looking at birth. Although if their mouth is open, it's pretty easy to tell. Liam has four pearly whites that peak through with every smile. I'm working from home today as the boys have their physical therapy appointment at home in the morning, so I'll try to get some updated pics.


Dr. Grumbles said…
Would love to see some pics of the little guys!
Mermaid said…
Wow - Liam and my Nicholas are the same size now! It's amazing that all four of our kids are the same age (mine corrected) and they span from 11 1/2 pounds (Grace) to almost 18 pounds!

Mine have done fine with all their shots, but the flu booster caused fever. It is strange that the first one was no big deal but the booster caused problems. Hope it goes well for your guys.

I also find it interesting that you are getting home PT visits. We were referred in November and are still waiting for the "system" to work out our home visits!

I can't wait to see those little teeth!
Leigh said…
oooh, I can't wait to see the pearly whites :)

Connor is sandwiched right in the middle of your two.

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