Great Hot Healthy Breakfast Cereal Recipe

I've been cleaning things up around the house, doing a lot of Flylady decluttering. As I've been doing that, I've had the luck to find things I thought I had lost. One of them is this recipe for a hot breakfast cereal that was at one time on The Fertile Soul website. It is no longer there and I've really, really missed it. I was so happy the day I found this and in case I lose the paper copy I have, let's put it on my blog, so I can look it up whenever I need it. Plus it's yummy! You should all try it!

Oatmeal or Immune Support Breakfast
4 cups rolled oats
2 cups oat bran
1 cup ground almonds
1 cup ground sunflower seeds
1 cup ground flax seeds

I grind the seeds and nuts in a nut and spice grinder I've used for making baby food before. I hear a coffee grinder works well too. Mix all the ingredients and store in a big ziplock bag in the freezer.

To make breakfast - take 1/3 cup and you can soak overnight covered in water, or just add plenty of water in the morning. If you soaked it overnight, you only need 30 seconds in the microwave to heat it up, or a minute or minute and 30 seconds if you added the water in the morning. You will need to play with the amount of water that works for you. You can garnish this with fresh fruit, yogurt or maple syrup. I like mine with raisins and almond or rice milk.



Anonymous said…
YUM! Totally my speeed.

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