Yoga Class After Over Two Years and Sunday Bliss

I took a yoga class on Saturday at one of the local yoga studios, and let me just say, "She kicked my a$$." Not that was her intention. She's a very nice person and told me to be kind to myself, which I am. Yoga is not meant to hurt. But if you haven't taken a class in over two years, the first one will leave you sore in muscles you didn't know existed.

That said I want to go back to the same class next Saturday and see if I can do any better. They also have a gentle yoga class on Monday evenings and I was thinking it might be a good thing to take Phoebe to. They do allow children 10 years and up to take their gentle yoga class. I think she'd be pretty happy to come.

So I was very proud of myself. That was one of my goals this year to get back to a good yoga practice. I've also been eating healthier recently. Much more vegetarian with lots of veggies. I made my fried noodle recipe again on Friday for the family and the boys loved it again. The first time they had it, they were licking their plates at the end. I also made chicken fajitas on the grill last week for one of our dinners. I grilled tempeh for my fajitas and I also grilled some zucchini too.

The weather today is beautiful so, while the boys napped, we cleaned out the garden to get it ready for spring planting. I have the tomatoes and zucchini seeds growing into seedlings in the house. Pretty soon, I'll be planting some peas and lettuce seeds direct in the ground. The boys are still napping which is a bit late for them, but I think we tired them out this morning with church and errands. So I'm taking these quiet moments for myself to blog a bit. Oh, and the boys even sat with us on the couch for a little this morning so we could finish watching Nanny McPhee Returns. They've never been able to cuddle with us watching a family movie.

Very shortly, we're having our best friends and their daughter over for dinner, so all in all we've had a blissful Sunday. I definitely needed one of these.

Comments it.

I had to laugh when you asked if yoga was supposed to hurt though...I dislocated my knee cap in August during a yoga class, so yeah, I guess it could hurt! Keep it up!!!
Good for you! I don't know if you saw that post (late Jan - I think 27th) of mine but I hated yoga but good for those of you who like it.

Don't you love long naps? Unfortunately Connor is the only one who likes them.
Anonymous said…
Aah, yoga. One of my favorite things that has been kicked aside. Glad you're able to get back into it.

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