Ugh! Rough Day! Yesterday

I thought I posted this yesterday, but it turns out this got posted to my other blog. Apparently Blogger decided to reorder my blogs on my Dashboard and I was on autopilot. Plus I was really tired yesterday. Today is much better.

I woke up from a nightmare at 3:30 AM this morning. I dreamt Phoebe was kidnapped. Couldn't go back to sleep. Wasn't thinking about the nightmare, kept thinking about work. That usually never happens to me. Then I started watching a movie to take my mind off things. Ended up watching Showgirls (movie) on cable. Kyle McLaughlin is in that movie and it's only redeeming feature. I had coffee and a danish at 6:30AM and it gave me heartburn, which is very unusual for me. I took a Pepcid and got in the shower, drove to work drinking water, trying to calm my stomach down. I didn't eat anything right away. Looked at work emails. One of my managers resigned today. Ugh. I'm already trying to hire two people in that area. Guess I now have one more I need. Then I talked with a co-worker, as I was feeling sensitive about something work related, which is what was keeping me up. I know I'm being sensitive as I'm tired. I felt better after talking to her, got some coffee and a muffin and I've been feeling a bit better. Now I just feel off.

I talked to DH and he's been out of town overnight. He said he slept horrible last night too. So did one of my other co-workers. Must be something going around. I'm sure everything will be better tomorrow. Or at least after dinner. I'm making my vegetarian stir fried noodles tonight. Last time I made that, the boys were licking the sauce off their plates, they liked it so much. All I do want to do right now is go home and snuggle my three kids. That would make everything be


Queenie. . . said…
Thank goodness it's the weekend! Hope you sleep better tonight.
And then I didn't sleep well on Thursday night but that's because I was worrying about a meeting.

Hope you had a better day and that this weekend is all kinds of normal fabulousness :)
I hate those kinds of dreams...freak me out so bad and really throws me off! Hope things are better!!!

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