Happy Easter Photos!

Easter we had some fabulous weather! It was up to 80 degrees and sunny. I don't think we could have asked for a better day.

We have a new family photo! That park bench in the back of my SIL's house is either getting smaller or our family is bigger, LOL.

The boys had fun on the egg hunt in their Aunt's backyard. Here's Liam. I couldn't get him to face forward for the photo. Very Liam!

Tommy was less camera shy, but enjoying himself so much he didn't ham it up for the camera like he usually does.

Phoebe had fun too! She's still not too old for this egg hunt stuff!

Then the boys had fun on the slide in their Aunt's backyard. Tommy went first as he climbed up the ladder as soon as he saw it.

Liam had to get in on that action too. They love slides! Hope everyone had a great Easter!


BigP's Heather said…
Great photos!! Thanks for sharing!
Your family is beautiful and the kiddos are getting so BIG!! Phoebes is truly a young lady and you and hubby look wonderful.
Thanks for the kind words, ((HUGS))
Anonymous said…
It WAS nice outside! You're little ones are getting SO big! Want to get together soon? Please? Pretty please?
Queenie. . . said…
The boys are getting SO big! (Phoebe, too!).

I covet a swingset-y thing like that. It looks fabulous.
Suzanne said…
Looks like a fabulous day! What a beautiful family!!!
Deanna said…
Love the family picture! You and Phoebe both look so graceful and elegant. : )

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