Telling You About Me

I won an award from I Believe in Miracles and have been challenged to tell you 7 things about myself.  Thank you so much for the award.  Hope these whet your appetite to know more about me:

1.  I drink French Press coffee every morning.  Usually using Starbucks French Roast or Italian Roast.  I love my coffee very strong with a little sugar and a little milk, not half & half.
2.  I'm a perfect size 39 in Prada shoes and I'm starting to swear I will only buy that brand for heels.  They are so comfortable, I can run in them.  They give me plenty of room in my toe area and I can feel weight in my heel, not just on the balls of my feet.  If you remember, one of my goals was to get back to wearing heels at work, and these are making that goal much easier.  I hate wearing uncomfortable shoes.  When I'm not wearing heels to work, I love sneakers and Sketchers.
3.  I am really a shy person, who has worked hard since high school to overcome my shyness.  I still get really nervous when I'm about to talk to a group of people.  I'm fine one-on-one or in groups under four, but over that and I'm a nervous wreck.  Kind of funny considering I manage a group of 11 people right now.
4.  I'm still so much in love with my husband that when I see him walk into a room, or if we're meeting up in the middle of the day (usually cause my office is near the train station that he sometimes takes when he has to travel to work), I still get this feeling of "Wow!  What a gorgeous guy!"
5.  When I was younger, I would color my hair anything but blonde.  I didn't want to be blonde because I didn't want people to think I was stupid.  Now I can't see myself as anything other than the platinum blonde hair color I have.  I like to say I'm an ambassador for smart blondes.
6.  I learned to read when I was 3 years old.  I don't ever remember a time in my life that I couldn't read.
7.  I can eat very very well with chopsticks.  To the point that Chinese people in the office (like my new boss I got in December) say I hold them like someone who grew up eating with them.   I sort of did.  My best friend in 4th grade was Korean.  She was adopted, but her adopted single mom wanted her and her sister to know all about their ethnic heritage.  Her mom made the best kimchi (Korean spicy pickled cabbage), which I still love!!!!

Hmm....  who to pick for this:

Hope everyone is enjoying their beginning of 2012!!!  I know I'm psyched!!!


thank you!!! amazingly i already posted on it :)

love your hair stories :) I've been dying my hair since I was 25 when I went grey but it's really only for that purpose - I was always very happy with my very dark brown hair :)

And hey, take a video of the chopstick-eating ability and post!
Love how you feel for your husband...that rocks.

I want to kick women who willingly use the "dumb blonde" excuses and think it's cute. I'm not really a blonde, but I agree...more smart blondes!
cat said…
Thanks so much girl! Really on the chopsticks - I can, but just! And wish I could get Prada shoes - and that I could see my hubby more during the work day.

I actually received it before - and answered - see here:
Queenie. . . said…
I can't wait to do this--thanks! Well, I will wait, because I have 80 things to do right now.

I hope you heal quickly, by the way! You are brave.

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