Mommy Makeover

I've been absent, I know.  However, I've been very very busy on my goals.  Work is going great!  The house is getting decluttered and organized.  And yesterday, I had achieved one of my goals I've had for a long time.  I always said that when I was finished having children I would get my breasts enhanced.  I've never been very gifted in that area.  I was an A cup for most of my life, managed to fill out a B in college and then after having the kids, I went back to a 34A.  Ugh.  I've always loved how full my breasts were when I was pregnant and wished they could stay that way.

So my best friend that lives a few minutes from me is an Operating Room nurse and has worked with most of the plastic surgeons in the area.  She highly recommended Dr. Chris Saunders and he was wonderful!  We went with increasing me to a 34D, which is very proportionate considering I'm 5'7" with broad shoulders and decent size hips.  We also did a mini-tummy tuck since having twins did leave me with extra skin on my abdomen that no amount of working out could make go away.  It was just excess skin.  Since I was also already going to be in surgery, we decided to do liposuction on my buttocks/outer thigh area.  That has always been my problem weight area.

I hope no one thinks I'm being vain or superficial doing this.  Please don't leave me those comments or I will delete them.  I did this completely for me.  As I've gotten older, I have really prioritized working out and I love my body when I feel strong and have energy.  Ever since the boys were born, I really prioritized getting back to my pre-pregnancy weight, working out after the kids go to sleep at night.  I'm so excited about what I've done and I love my friends and family that have supported my decision to do this.

BTW, the next thing I'm going to do to feel good about myself, is I have the name of a vascular surgeon who can fix the varicose veins on the back of my right knee.  It's only on the back of that leg and it makes me so self-conscious when I wear skirts above my knee without stockings.

I'm looking forward to my healing process right now, taking care of myself following my doctor's orders for rest and getting back to exercise when he says I'm ready.  Phoebe and I are looking forward to starting to take yoga classes together at a local yoga studio.


cd0103 said…
Congrats!! You did it for you and that is important.

I am amazed, and that's only because you look pretty darn perfect to me.

Seriously I didn't ever think you were even carrying extra poundage or twin skin!

Please rest well and can we see before and after pics??? :)
BigP's Heather said…
I'm totally jealous right now! You looked amazing before...can't wait to see photos.
Mandy said…
So long as your happy! My ever nosy self would love and b&a! Hope you're healing well and not too crazy swollen.

I do have to admit that I am totally jealous of your tummy tuck! My Dr said the only way to fix my tummy was surgery and I wasn't thrilled with that option.

I would have gladly given you my boobs! The girls left me with DD's on my 5'2" frame and they are such a pain!
OMG...I'm totally jealous! I want a mini-tummy tuck SO bad!!!! I hope no one leaves you crappy comments b/c you don't deserve them. I'm so happy for you!
cat said…
Oh I really do not think you are vain - I am also considering a tummy tuck but have been advised to wait until the boys are 6 because the muscles are actually torn over my top abdomen part.

Hope you are totally happy with the results. You know we had the Princess' ears done in July - never regretted it!
Jamie said…
I am very anxious to hear about your recovery and if it is all worth it. Will you be able to pick up the twins? Are your kiddos at home?

With the breast enhancement, will you have to go back regularly to have them checked? How long will they last?

Once I can lose about 15 pounds, a tummy tuck is definitely on my list. I'm still undecided about the breasts. I'd love to have it done, but I need to know more about the long-term issues. Hence, the questions above. :)
Women who have gone through the "Mommy Makeover" often feel a great boost in their body-image confidence, resulting not only in a positive effect for themselves, but also for the children that they are caring for.
smita sharma said…
I am curious about everything I need to know about getting a "mommy makeover" like the cost, the procedures, and if you have had the surgeries: would you recommend it? I know it's going to be extremely painful but definetly think it will be worth it. All suggestions welcome,

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