Back to Work

Yesterday at the doctor's office, I was cleared to drive and go back to work, but no physical exertion yet, meaning no working out.

Let the madness begin....


I've got a lot of catching up to do, but want to wish you happy healing! I think you are awesome for getting that surgery -- I totally have my own mental list of things I'd like to "get done" at some point. You only get one life/one body. Why not do it if you can?
April said…
wow. just read your last several posts (i've been in work hell). what an awesome change!! are you going to do before/after pics? or is that too weird? i'm so excited for you!!

just remember not to overdo it!!

and one of these days i promise i'll get on the award. i'm just so overwhelmed these days!

happy healing! :P

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