Overdoing it Post-Surgery

I went to the doctor for my follow up today and guess what?  I'm overdoing it.  Surprise, surprise.  I'm the queen of "get back on my feet" and get stuff done.  I swear I think I'm completely incapable of sitting still.  I'm in bed with my feet up on doctor's orders and I think I'm starting to twitch!  I'll never forget when I couldn't stop bleeding post-partum with Phoebe over 11 years ago.  The doctor asked me if I was overdoing it.  I said of course not!  I'm sitting around taking care of a baby, not training for a marathon!  She then asked me how many times I was going up and down the stairs.  Ummmm - whenever I need to, that's no big deal.  Apparently it is.  Climbing stairs multiple times a day post-partum is considered too much physical activity.  OK.....  I was forced to agree to take everything with me downstairs in the morning that I would need for the day and then do the same going upstairs when I went to bed that night.  I was only allowed to do the stairs those two times for the next two weeks.

So I'm trying to be good.  I even called my DH on his work cell phone to ask him to come upstairs and talk to me about what Phoebe needs to do this afternoon and evening at her ice skating classes.  I've got my compression garment on for my tummy tuck and lipo to pull it all back together.  The doctor said I was looking a bit swollen and puffy today in my abdomen, which I have to agree.  That's where he said I was probably doing to much and needed the rest.  I'm about to look up the breast massage techniques on his website as I have to do that 3X a day starting today.  The breasts are still swollen and they look kind of how they do when my milk first comes in after having the babies.  Which I guess is good, because I pretty much wanted them to look like how they did when I was breastfeeding (after the initial swelling went down from my milk coming in), which was a natural, very nice size.  I should end up a 34D when I'm fully healed.


Martha said…
Thanks for your comment at Motivation Monday at The Motivation Station - but it sure sounds like you better get motivated to rest for a bit! I'm like you, never think I'm over doing things but you've had some pretty major surgeries. Listen to your doc! There will be new challenges the first Monday of each month this year, plenty of time to join in after you make a full recovery!
Stephanie said…
Oh it really is hard to put yourself first when you are a Mom but sounds like right now you must! Take care of you. The Hubby and kiddos will be fine:)
Hope you take the time to heal! I didn't after my miscarriage D&E and ended up back in the hospital. It's really hard to sit still, but try to force yourself! Maybe a good couple of books?

I loved the getting to know you post more!! Thanks.

please take care of yourself. My gynae once told me (after my first lapscope) you will FEEL like you're healed, but you're not and if you don't take it easy, 6 months down the road you will pay the price.

That scared me enough to rest properly!
soralis said…
Post Surgery... yuck! You must rest to heal properly! Take it easy! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

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