When It Rains It Pours

It's really been pouring here.  We're just now trying to find out what it's all going to mean to us.  First, DH found out the company he works for is going to be sold.  This was on March 19th.  That same day, he found out that his boss had a heart attack and was in the hospital.  A week later his family decided to turn off life support as he had two more heart attacks at the hospital over the week and had no signs of brain activity.  He was only 58 years old and had already battled colon cancer with chemo two years before.  It was his son's wedding we went to in Maine back in January.  DH and I went up to Lake Placid, NY for the viewing and funeral March 29 - 31.

The following Monday, they officially gave DH his boss's old job.  It's sad, but true, about "who has to die around here to get a promotion".  DH has really mixed feelings about the promotion, but with the sale of the company, it will give him more protection with a better severance package than what he had in his old role.

On my side, between working my butt off at work and trying to prepare for Easter, we decided it would be a good idea for me to apply to Villanova for the Executive MBA program.  I'm finishing up the application right now and have my admission interview on April 27.

Hope everyone is doing well.  I'm going to be catching up on some fellow bloggers in my Google Reader. I've missed you all.  I'm really looking forward to see what Marcia's plans are for coming to the US.  I'm going to scream like a school girl when I get to meet her.  She'll have to remember to wear some ear plugs.


April said…
omg. that's a lot. but congrats on applying to grad school :) that's awesome.

wait...you get to meet marcia? i'm so jealous!!!

april (strongblonde.wordpress.com)
Heather said…
Marcia is supposed to come to the US for a conference, but she's still going through the Visa process before it's finalized. She's going to come to visit NYC while she's in the US and that's just an hour and a half train ride from where I am. I am so there whenever she is there. I will move heaven and earth to get that day off work!!!
cat said…
I think congratulations is in store for you both in any event. And yes, Marcia is coming but I am seeing her on Saturday , although we do live int he same country and province ( sticking tongue out)
Heather said…
Cat you are so lucky!!! I keep saying I have to come to South Africa to see Marcia and you. I'd also like to meet Tertia, but I'm sure she doesn't know me and my blog like you guys do!!!!
LauraC said…
Sorry to hear the news!
Marcia is going to a conference near my house!
Deanna said…
Oh wow...y'all have been dealing with a LOT! Hopefully things will settle down, and are maybe moving in a good direction for you guys?

I think the grad school thing is awesome! I want to go back for a degree in Library Science.
Oh my gosh, that's quite unnerving for DH. Although it is in a good position for him but less than stellar circumstances )

I read on the great umbrella heist about Pennsylvania also being a state where you can just lose your job!

And last but not least - I am also going to scream like a girl when I see you - FINALLY - after all these years :) All these lovely bloggers saying nice things about me are making me blush :)
Carrie Ann said…
Wow, that certainly is a lot!! Your poor hub. Good luck with the MBA - good for you!! Never too late to add to your credentials!

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