Thursday, January 19, 2012

Tommy Chipped a Tooth

Tommy fell on the ceramic tile floor in the kitchen while I was at work today.  Niki called me and I immediately made an appointment with the dentist for that afternoon.  I asked her to give him ibuprofen for any pain and let him have some applesauce for lunch in case is was bothering him.  He took a good nap before I took him to the dentist and he was what the dentist said was his best patient that day.  And he went to our dentist, not a pediatric dentist so that was a big feat for him.  He shook the dentist's hand, took a ride on the dentist chair, laid back in the chair and got everything checked out.  The dentist doesn't think there's much to be done, but keep an eye on it and make sure there's no sensitivity eating or drinking.  He doesn't seem to, as he ate and drank fine at dinner.  The dentist asked me to call on Monday morning and let him know how things are going.  He said if he did anything it would be to file it down a little and coat it with something if it was rough.  Apparently his daughter did the same thing when she was a toddler too.  So I think he's fine, he just gets to look like the bruiser he is until his baby teeth fall out. Thankfully, it's not that noticeable, even if he's smiling.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Back to Work

Yesterday at the doctor's office, I was cleared to drive and go back to work, but no physical exertion yet, meaning no working out.

Let the madness begin....

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Getting Back to Normal, Current Guilty Pleasures and Helpful Household Hints

Yesterday was the first day I really felt like myself, having energy and not wanting to go take a nap after just a little bit of moving around.  I was able to get some cleaning done and took care of the boys by myself from after nap time, through the witching hour of dinner, bath, book time and bedtime.   And I was feeling fine the whole time. Other days helping with the boys, I just wanted to go pass out.   I go see the doctor at 11:30 AM today, so we'll see what he says and if I'm cleared to go back to work.  I have to admit that I do love wearing the bandage wrap around my stomach still.  It seems to help me keep moving around and not feel uncomfortable.  It's funny, the experience has led me to wonder if there is something to wrapping your stomach post-delivery.  I remember seeing a show on it and I think they were saying that doctors said there was nothing to it, but considering what the plastic surgeon is having me wear the compression garment and wrap my tummy to get everything to be "sucked back in".  I do wonder if there is something that it might help post-partum.  Not that I ever plan to be that way again.

So while I've been resting, I've gotten to indulge myself in some guilty pleasures.  I've been watching "The Tudors" on Netflix on my daughter's iPad.  I had only ever found time to watch the first season.  I'm now on Season 4!!!!  I'm loving it!!!  The other two movies DH and I just watched back-to-back was the Swedish version of "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" and "The Girl Who Played with Fire."  My neighbor lent them to us and they were amazing!!!  I haven't read the books, so we had no idea what to expect.  I've heard critics say the new Hollywood version is not as good and we haven't seen that, but I can see why.  It was just unbelievable.  If you like action/suspense/mystery type movies, this is for you!  Of course, DH didn't mind watching a movie with English subtitles, as being a hearing-impaired person (not that he will admit), he doesn't miss a single part of the dialogue.  When we were starting to date, I got him hooked on watching foreign movies with subtitles.  Usually the story lines are better than Hollywood ones and you don't mind reading the bottom of the screen.  I will admit "Like Water for Chocolate" is one of my favorite movies with subtitles.  It's so romantic and extreme.

Last but not least, my helpful cleaning hint for the day.  If you have a really disgusting inside of a microwave because you've been sick and no one wipes it out after they use it.  I usually clean it out every few days to keep it from driving me crazy.  And with me being sick, we've had a lot of food to reheat that splatters nasty - chili, spaghetti sauce, etc.  So when you're feeling better and you're faced with this awful looking mess, take a glass measuring cup, or any other cup that is microwavable safe and  fill it with water.  You can also add a tablespoon of baking soda if you also need to get rid of some odors.  Cook the water in the microwave for 5 minutes on high.  If the water starts to boil, that's great!  After it's done cooking, let it sit for a few minutes to soak in all the steam.  You should now be able to go at the mess with a washcloth or sponge very quickly, as all the mess is steamy and ready to come off with very little work.  My microwave is much cleaner now!!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Overdoing it Post-Surgery

I went to the doctor for my follow up today and guess what?  I'm overdoing it.  Surprise, surprise.  I'm the queen of "get back on my feet" and get stuff done.  I swear I think I'm completely incapable of sitting still.  I'm in bed with my feet up on doctor's orders and I think I'm starting to twitch!  I'll never forget when I couldn't stop bleeding post-partum with Phoebe over 11 years ago.  The doctor asked me if I was overdoing it.  I said of course not!  I'm sitting around taking care of a baby, not training for a marathon!  She then asked me how many times I was going up and down the stairs.  Ummmm - whenever I need to, that's no big deal.  Apparently it is.  Climbing stairs multiple times a day post-partum is considered too much physical activity.  OK.....  I was forced to agree to take everything with me downstairs in the morning that I would need for the day and then do the same going upstairs when I went to bed that night.  I was only allowed to do the stairs those two times for the next two weeks.

So I'm trying to be good.  I even called my DH on his work cell phone to ask him to come upstairs and talk to me about what Phoebe needs to do this afternoon and evening at her ice skating classes.  I've got my compression garment on for my tummy tuck and lipo to pull it all back together.  The doctor said I was looking a bit swollen and puffy today in my abdomen, which I have to agree.  That's where he said I was probably doing to much and needed the rest.  I'm about to look up the breast massage techniques on his website as I have to do that 3X a day starting today.  The breasts are still swollen and they look kind of how they do when my milk first comes in after having the babies.  Which I guess is good, because I pretty much wanted them to look like how they did when I was breastfeeding (after the initial swelling went down from my milk coming in), which was a natural, very nice size.  I should end up a 34D when I'm fully healed.

Monday, January 09, 2012

Post-Surgery Update

Yesterday evening, I was able to take off the compression shorts, gauze, bandages, etc. and take a shower.  DH came in and helped me wash my hair, which was lovely.  So I feel a bit more human now. The pain pump also came off.  I had to pull the catheter from the pain pump out of the incision last night too.  It came out pretty easily.  I also had a foley catheter that I got to remove before the shower.  They sent me home with it so I didn't have to keep getting up to go to the bathroom.  When I was going home with it, I wasn't that crazy about it, but believe me when the pain kicked in and I just wanted to take my pain meds and sleep it off, going to the bathroom was nice not to have as a priority, LOL!

So post-shower, all I have left is the drain from my tummy-tuck incision.  I think that will be taken out at my next post-op appointment tomorrow, but we'll see.  And I have a lot of bruising and swelling.  All I'm currently allowed to wear is a sports bra and DH's boxer briefs (with the drain bulb from the tummy incision safety pinned to them).  I'm wearing a bathrobe over it all and fuzzy socks to keep my feet warm.

I'm getting up and moving a little, but not overdoing it.  So I'll get up and do a few things that need to be done and then sit back down for awhile and relax, maybe even take a nap.  I'm working from home this week as I can't drive yet.  I'll see the doctor tomorrow and find out what my next care instructions are.

I'm getting pretty excited right now, as it's been 5 hours since I last took Percoset (the pain medicine) and I'm not feeling the excruciating soreness that I had been in the past.  Maybe today I'll be able to not take those so much.  I'm never very happy having to take medicine.  I'm going to go downstairs now and make a protein shake with banana and make sure I'm getting my vitamins in.  I'll be logging into work soon and checking up on things that need taking care of, but I shouldn't have any meetings to call into until tomorrow.

Saturday, January 07, 2012

Telling You About Me

I won an award from I Believe in Miracles and have been challenged to tell you 7 things about myself.  Thank you so much for the award.  Hope these whet your appetite to know more about me:

1.  I drink French Press coffee every morning.  Usually using Starbucks French Roast or Italian Roast.  I love my coffee very strong with a little sugar and a little milk, not half & half.
2.  I'm a perfect size 39 in Prada shoes and I'm starting to swear I will only buy that brand for heels.  They are so comfortable, I can run in them.  They give me plenty of room in my toe area and I can feel weight in my heel, not just on the balls of my feet.  If you remember, one of my goals was to get back to wearing heels at work, and these are making that goal much easier.  I hate wearing uncomfortable shoes.  When I'm not wearing heels to work, I love sneakers and Sketchers.
3.  I am really a shy person, who has worked hard since high school to overcome my shyness.  I still get really nervous when I'm about to talk to a group of people.  I'm fine one-on-one or in groups under four, but over that and I'm a nervous wreck.  Kind of funny considering I manage a group of 11 people right now.
4.  I'm still so much in love with my husband that when I see him walk into a room, or if we're meeting up in the middle of the day (usually cause my office is near the train station that he sometimes takes when he has to travel to work), I still get this feeling of "Wow!  What a gorgeous guy!"
5.  When I was younger, I would color my hair anything but blonde.  I didn't want to be blonde because I didn't want people to think I was stupid.  Now I can't see myself as anything other than the platinum blonde hair color I have.  I like to say I'm an ambassador for smart blondes.
6.  I learned to read when I was 3 years old.  I don't ever remember a time in my life that I couldn't read.
7.  I can eat very very well with chopsticks.  To the point that Chinese people in the office (like my new boss I got in December) say I hold them like someone who grew up eating with them.   I sort of did.  My best friend in 4th grade was Korean.  She was adopted, but her adopted single mom wanted her and her sister to know all about their ethnic heritage.  Her mom made the best kimchi (Korean spicy pickled cabbage), which I still love!!!!

Hmm....  who to pick for this:

Hope everyone is enjoying their beginning of 2012!!!  I know I'm psyched!!!

Friday, January 06, 2012

Mommy Makeover

I've been absent, I know.  However, I've been very very busy on my goals.  Work is going great!  The house is getting decluttered and organized.  And yesterday, I had achieved one of my goals I've had for a long time.  I always said that when I was finished having children I would get my breasts enhanced.  I've never been very gifted in that area.  I was an A cup for most of my life, managed to fill out a B in college and then after having the kids, I went back to a 34A.  Ugh.  I've always loved how full my breasts were when I was pregnant and wished they could stay that way.

So my best friend that lives a few minutes from me is an Operating Room nurse and has worked with most of the plastic surgeons in the area.  She highly recommended Dr. Chris Saunders and he was wonderful!  We went with increasing me to a 34D, which is very proportionate considering I'm 5'7" with broad shoulders and decent size hips.  We also did a mini-tummy tuck since having twins did leave me with extra skin on my abdomen that no amount of working out could make go away.  It was just excess skin.  Since I was also already going to be in surgery, we decided to do liposuction on my buttocks/outer thigh area.  That has always been my problem weight area.

I hope no one thinks I'm being vain or superficial doing this.  Please don't leave me those comments or I will delete them.  I did this completely for me.  As I've gotten older, I have really prioritized working out and I love my body when I feel strong and have energy.  Ever since the boys were born, I really prioritized getting back to my pre-pregnancy weight, working out after the kids go to sleep at night.  I'm so excited about what I've done and I love my friends and family that have supported my decision to do this.

BTW, the next thing I'm going to do to feel good about myself, is I have the name of a vascular surgeon who can fix the varicose veins on the back of my right knee.  It's only on the back of that leg and it makes me so self-conscious when I wear skirts above my knee without stockings.

I'm looking forward to my healing process right now, taking care of myself following my doctor's orders for rest and getting back to exercise when he says I'm ready.  Phoebe and I are looking forward to starting to take yoga classes together at a local yoga studio.