Goodbye Cape Town

I've enjoyed my time here in Cape Town very much.  Some things were tough with school classmate issues, but it will all work out I'm sure in the end.  I often wish people didn't have to behave so 'human'. Human behavior can often hurt people's feelings, or in particular, mine.  

But the school leg of this journey is over. I get to go enjoy time with friends in Joburg tomorrow and then off to Paris and France with my DH and Phoebe.  We are hitting so many life list items it's amazing! It is really making me feel that if you put your life list in writing, many more amazing things will happen then you ever thought possible.


I'm so sorry to hear there was some drama... can't wait to hear in person.... but I do love to hear that life list stuff is being crossed off - now that I LOVE!!!

Can't wait to meet your Phoebe tomorrow, heather!

We told our kids we have a surprise for them so they're already eager and excited.
Anonymous said…
FUN!! :) leave the drama behind. so excited for things getting checked off your list! :)
Soupy said…
how exciting and fun for you!!! Sorry about the drama, people aren't always so nice, that's too bad :( YAY for living your dreams!

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